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Jun 24, '07, 1:23 AM
Here's a weird one:


It's a mummy; modeled after the old General Mills "Haunted Glo-Head" model kit. I've been working on all four, but it's tough to find good refrence material. I don't remember these things from when I was a kid; and most of the pics I've found are shots of the box. (The mummy seems to be the common one though.)

Don C.

Jun 24, '07, 1:58 AM
All you have to do is copy and paste the BB Image Code to put the picture in your post.

Jun 24, '07, 5:00 AM

Wow!! Now you've got something else I want a cast of!!!!

Jun 24, '07, 6:09 AM
Great job. That's one of the scariest mummies I've ever seen

Dave Mc
Jun 24, '07, 6:16 AM
Totally freaky!

Jun 24, '07, 6:00 PM
I love your stuff Don....you need to make a list of your heads and such somewhere ;)

Jun 24, '07, 8:37 PM
That really rocks Don! The sculpt and paint are top notch.

Jun 24, '07, 10:06 PM

I wish I had better pics of the other three. (Vampire, Werewolf and Ape Man.) I don't remember the original kits, and they're really hard to get pics of. Had to redo the Vampire 'cos I messed the nose up. (Fianlly got a pic of the side of the box...)

Anyone out there actually remember these? Or better yet; HAVE any of 'em?

Don C.

Jun 27, '07, 7:18 AM
He is one scary looking dude!!!

Jun 28, '07, 8:38 AM
Love it Don