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The Toyroom
Jun 23, '07, 8:19 AM
http://megomuseum.com/community/images/icons/tardis.gif I just completed this custom Dr. Who Tom Baker box for Joe D...and I've been asked by a few others recently about doing other Doctors as well. Seems to be some new found custom-love for the Time Lord. :wink_y:


For the other Doctors' regenerations, I'd swap out the appropriate pic and change the logo to represent their era better.

Jun 23, '07, 8:23 AM

Jun 23, '07, 8:32 AM
That is cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 23, '07, 8:41 AM
Very Sharp!

Jun 23, '07, 9:40 AM
Very cool!!

Jun 23, '07, 10:39 AM
The design isn't bad, but there must be a better picture of Tom Baker available. Doesn't the figure almost completely block the view of the tardis?

If it were my box, I'd add some reds and yellows to the front and insert. Black, white and blue alone make the box look sun faded. I'd also just identify all of them as The Doctor, but use different pictures on the back.

Jun 23, '07, 2:15 PM
Nice work Anthony, that's pretty much what i was after.

I'll try and get my designs to you in the next couple of days.

Jun 23, '07, 2:18 PM
WOW!!that box is perfect!!! i wouldnt change a thing!!

Jun 23, '07, 6:19 PM
Very nice work. I do think a bigger Tardis would probably show up better with the figure inside.

Jun 23, '07, 6:48 PM
very nice :grin:

The Toyroom
Jun 23, '07, 8:34 PM
There must be a better picture of Tom Baker available.

Believe me I checked but wasn't having any luck with a full, clear body shot.
I had an alternate with The Doctor pulling on K-9's leash but it wasn't great. The pic I used is passable but if anyone else has something more along the lines of what I was looking for I'll gladly take it.

Jun 23, '07, 11:04 PM
Great work Anthony!!

Jun 24, '07, 5:57 AM
Oh wow Anthony, that looks great

Jun 24, '07, 10:41 AM
Fantastic...I prefer it to what Mego did! MMM I always look forward to your posts, I just love the ideas you come up with and that you do them so well.

Jun 27, '07, 7:15 AM
Excellent work, he's my favorite Doctor ... love that scarf!!!