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Bionic Joe
May 10, '07, 6:36 PM
need some help here big time i want to make a custom of my all time fav x-men CYCLOPS, finaly got a scarecrow figure off e-bay for the body, but i still need a head and i also want to have his visor glow any ideas how to pull that off?

Dave Mc
May 10, '07, 7:53 PM
Russ has a couple Cyclops head. Brian Leitner has one, Troy Younger has one. Find the one you like best.

Perhaps you can hollow it out, open up the visor area with a drill bit, cover it with some red plastic something or other, and shove a red christmas tree light up the head through the neck (which you have hollowed out).

Of course, you'd have to plug him in, but it would look cool as hell! :biggrin:

May 10, '07, 9:43 PM
PM me. I might know someone who has one and out of respect I don't want to blab his name all over the board and he'd probably not charge you an arm and a leg for the head.

May 10, '07, 10:02 PM
10 bucks from Russ. 2 Bucks to cast it in clear,.. then do what Dave said. :wink2:


May 10, '07, 10:29 PM
Okay --- win this figure....

http://cgi.ebay.com/JACK-O-LANTERN-SPIDERMAN-3-MARVEL-LEGENDS-BONUS-WIN-7_W0QQitemZ200107169592QQihZ010QQcategoryZ2481QQss PageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

The jack-o-lantern head lights up --- but best of all the light is red/orange and the head pops right off ... there is a button his back that lights him up...
a little plastic surgery with a dremel should get it out intact. Maybe use a torso from a Fonzi and remove the thumbs up action and use the button as the switch... Then use BK's idea of the clear resin head with the visor not painted to allow the light to shine through. If you can't find the Jack-O-Lantern PM me and I might have one still....

May 11, '07, 3:16 AM
Here's the lotech solution. Get a Cyke head cast clear from one of the head guys already mentioned, paint it up. Paint the red part transparent red and leave a spot on the top of the head unpainted and then when light hits the top of the head, it will shine thru the transparent red part, just like the GI Joe Atomic Man. I did the very same thing on a Batman head I got from Aquatroy.

The Toyroom
May 11, '07, 7:11 AM
when light hits the top of the head, it will shine thru the transparent red part, just like the GI Joe Atomic Man.

Super Powers Darkseid also if I recall

May 11, '07, 8:13 AM

A GLOWING visor....? That's a tricky one! A clear head with unpained visor is a decent start. You could set up an LED in the body that would defuse it through the head, or leave the clear spot on top. (The newer Jawas do that trick too.)

I'd be tempted to Dremel off the visor, cast a clear one, hollow the head and set up an LED inside it. Run the wires into the body and either cut a flap in the back for a battery, or run contacts to the outside of the body so that you can plug in a 9-volt or somesuch. (I've done it with some Gundam kits.) That way you don't have to worry about a battery popping inside the figure.

Don C.

Bionic Joe
May 11, '07, 4:54 PM
thanks for the advice everyone, and thanks for the names of people who have the head aviable,