View Full Version : my titan sized Robin

Jun 19, '07, 10:41 PM
Sometimes I think I put too much time in these but need better results.

I hate to say it but these CTTV titan sized bodies really stink. It fell apart as I was doing it.

Anyway, the head i shrunk with paint thinner and painted it.

The cape I made from an old rain poncho. The boots are removeable and made from Sculpey.

My sewing skills are nowhere near Theresa's but I think I did ok.


Jun 20, '07, 1:35 AM
nice !

Jun 20, '07, 6:56 AM
He looks cool. I like that you gave him green hands and built up the gloves, never was a fan of the oven mitts!!!

Jun 20, '07, 11:57 AM

Thanks. I was sort of forced to do it this way since the cttv hands damn near fell apart.

I am not a big oven mitt fan or tghe plastic things they tossed on the titans and mr fantastic.. thank you though.

Jun 20, '07, 8:56 PM
That really rocks Roman! It really catches the 50's-60's comicbook version of Robin very well!

Jun 20, '07, 9:02 PM
Nice job!

kingdom warrior
Jun 20, '07, 11:50 PM
Very cool!

Jun 20, '07, 11:50 PM
thanks guys !!