View Full Version : CustoMego Special Feature- Doc Mego Interview

Dave Mc
Jun 17, '07, 8:47 PM
Several people have asked when we would do a feature on Doc Mego. It's taken several months, but here it is! Come get to know Paul Clarke and get a peek at the beginnings of custom and reproduction parts as we now know them.


Jun 17, '07, 9:44 PM
very nice dave and paul

Jun 17, '07, 10:20 PM
Awsome article Dave, thanks for sharing Paul and best of luck with the new endeavors!

Jun 17, '07, 10:54 PM
Awesome. Great guy!

Jun 18, '07, 1:34 AM
Thanks Paul (and Dave) I found that really interesting. I remember years and years ago, being so excited to find your site Paul, only to find that you didn't ship overseas and being so disappointed. Glad things have changed these days! Looking forward to seeing your new stuff and I wish you the best with it.

Jun 18, '07, 2:18 AM
Good read, thanks to Paul for doing it, and Dave for putting it together.

Jun 18, '07, 3:57 AM
:grin:Great interview Dave, a real pleasure to read.
And to thanks for everything you've done for the community, Paul. And opening a package from you really is like opening a present on Christmas Day :grin:
And I'm looking forward to the new Star Trek figures (aren't we all?) and the Night of the Living Dead series. Anything that involves James Brady is gonna kick major *** :grin:

Jun 18, '07, 4:13 AM
Cool read! Thanks guys.

The Bat
Jun 18, '07, 6:16 AM
That was GREAT Dave, thanks! I knew I didn't imagine hearing some where, that James Brady would be sculpting future Star Trek Mego's for Him...YaHoo!!!!!

Jun 19, '07, 10:50 PM
That is a an awsome interview. Never met him but the Doc seems like an impressive guy. Incredible how he could turn his undieing love for a childhood hobby into something more.

Although my folks have turned a raised eyebrow to this hobby of mine I'll not foregt the time I bought the black repro batman stuff from Paul. I put him together on a mego body with a mego batsuit and even my folks were impressed. I thought he looked better than the original.

I often check the " shop" in hopes of some new goodies

The Sentry
Jun 20, '07, 12:25 AM
Lemme tell ya, Doc Mego could have let me go home empty-handed(he showed up late for the meet and greet and didn't wanna sell anything and I had to go home on the second day with no way of getting back to Wheeling), but he didn't now my Batman, Robin, customs Sentry, and Bruce Banner have alot to thank that awesome fella over!

Great article, he shure as hell showed everyone that being a geek can be a very profitable thing, not just for yourself but everyone else!

The part when he had to give his Megos away killed me. I would cry if I had to do something like that. My Sister threw away alot of my stuff and Joe, Doc, Hulk and Doc Mego made things all better in the land of Leedom!

I'll give another thanks for sharing the article.

Jun 20, '07, 8:38 AM
Awsome interview Dave and Paul. It really hit home.

Jun 24, '07, 12:12 AM
Thanks for the great read guys. That was one of the best intervues I've read here!:grin: