View Full Version : Big surprise - more KISS

Jun 16, '07, 7:51 PM
I'm starting on Destroyer era customs. Here's ACE in progress. He still needs gauntlets and a head.


Jun 16, '07, 8:05 PM
Awesome!!!! I can't wait to see the end result :cool:

I do have to say Mary Ellen hasn't looked better ... whats funny is I have a friend that looks a lot like the Mary Ellen Mego, so now I have a mental picture of her rocking out with KISS :biggrin:


Dave Mc
Jun 16, '07, 8:30 PM
Hey Russ, look close at that finished Ace and you'll find out what your friend looks like in Kiss makeup. :biggrin:

Love the new duds, Bryan. Sweet. Next up, Leo Sayer!

Jun 16, '07, 9:43 PM
thanks Dave. I guess you could look at my avatar, too. :grin:
I just finished the gauntlets.


Jun 16, '07, 10:32 PM
Some people just own a certain line of custom figures. Boss totally means KISS customs in my book. Bravo sir!

Jun 16, '07, 10:35 PM
cool man :grin:

Jun 17, '07, 5:03 AM
Incredible, really cool job

Jun 17, '07, 5:52 AM
Freakin' COOOL!!!!!

Jun 18, '07, 6:55 AM
Excellent!!! Can't wait to see it finished and the rest of the boys!!!

Jun 18, '07, 11:30 AM
thanks guys. I can't help myself with these.

the next one on my list is the Gene with the body armor. I have a feeling that one may push me over the edge. :juggleyes_y:

Jun 18, '07, 12:25 PM
Can't wait to see that!

The Sentry
Jun 18, '07, 1:51 PM
Jesus man! That's awesome! I know about 10 people who would give their souls to own something that cool of Ace!