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Jun 16, '07, 4:49 PM
Ahhh, Wolverine. I've always had a problem with a tough guy in yellow spandex. So I had to do a conversion of Hasbro's pretty cool figure. A repaint does wonders for the headsculpt. I wanted to do something a bit more Flash Gordon movie serial looking for Logan, so I hunted around for a while till I found some inspiration. I got it from this guy: http://www.fwooshnet.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12823 His Wolverine design was just what I was looking for.



I used some leather I found at Walmart for his tunic, gave him a cigar and reshaped the Hasbro claws. Enjoy!!

Jun 16, '07, 5:00 PM
awesome,looks like the leather from his jacket in the movie

The Bat
Jun 16, '07, 5:00 PM
Nice tbolt! I really like the added Cigar.:wink_y:

Jun 16, '07, 8:19 PM
Thats awesome man!

Dave Mc
Jun 16, '07, 8:27 PM
Quality work, dig the pants, do you modify those or make them from scratch?

Jun 16, '07, 8:29 PM
That looks fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing the customizer's work who inspired it. You have great taste and tons of talent.

The Toyroom
Jun 16, '07, 8:37 PM
Very cool, T-bolt!

Jun 17, '07, 4:52 AM
Awesome Joe, really dig the outfit

Jun 17, '07, 5:03 AM
Dave, the pants are FC Sting pants, I finally found a use for them. :)

Alberto Malnati
Jun 17, '07, 8:59 AM
hi,thundie, and everybody here,
first of all great wolvie! it rocks!....second
greetings and salutation to you all megoheads
i hope to come back soon with customs to share with you...it's a really busy period:yuk:

Jun 18, '07, 6:52 AM
You definitely made him look better!!!

Jun 18, '07, 12:23 PM
Definitely captured an older look here. Nice work.

The Sentry
Jun 18, '07, 1:54 PM
Damn, the head and claws really set it off! Good job!
I hate how the claws never look too good sometimes but that is a bang up job!

kingdom warrior
Jun 18, '07, 2:12 PM
Wow that's Fantastic! Great Job T-Bolt