View Full Version : Deep thoughts on posterity...

Jun 12, '07, 5:13 PM
Has anyone given any thought to the notion that one day the customs we are making now will be looked upon as folk art? My wife and I went to a little art museum in Paris last year, and they had painted miniatures exhibited as art. I thought that was great!

200 years from now is the Smithsonian going to have an exhibit of folk art superheroes and science fiction characters of the 21st century?

Jun 12, '07, 5:32 PM
It would be cool to be remembered like that. Who knows, maybe then they'll be worth crazy money, like Picasso's now. Wonder if I can get an advance now on that crazy money :crazy:

Jun 12, '07, 5:46 PM
If I die, I'm counting on you guys to help Mrs. TBolt id my figures so she can sell them on ebay. I think the only ones she will know are Batman and Superman :smiley1:

Jun 13, '07, 7:57 AM
When I go, just toss my figure on the funeral pyre with me so I'll have them in Valhalla!!!