View Full Version : Anyone need a JLU Sand/Star Sapphire 3 Pack?

Jun 9, '08, 7:57 PM
Picked up a spare this weekend. If you need it, drop me a PM.

Jun 9, '08, 8:50 PM
That's a good one, Steve. Seems like very few packs have 2 new characters. I got lucky and snagged one already.

Now help me find Volcana and Big Barda.

Jun 9, '08, 10:16 PM
I still don't have Volcana myself. I saw Barda three weeks ago at Target; I know that wave is still shipping, so if I run across another, I'll keep you in mind.

Jun 10, '08, 8:35 AM
I Could Use That 3 Pack My Area Only Has The Older Figures And Even Those Are Scarce.


Jun 10, '08, 9:17 AM
Volcana is also the one I've never seen in stores so I still need that one. I have everyone else. The only ones we have now are the Justice Lords sets.