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The Toyroom
May 20, '08, 7:04 AM
Author: Anthony Durso (The Toyroom)
Line: WGSH
Toy Execution: Custom
Packaging Execution: Anthony Durso
Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Anthony Durso*
Author Notes: Mego already has the rights to Plastic Man (which they'll use in their Elastic Heroes series) so this seems like a natural. In addition to extending the WGSH line with a new character, it also opens up the opporunity to create additional Plus Paks for other heroes (Batman would be a no-brainer). And they can tie-in to the Plastic Man cartoon, which is debuting in the Fall of '79.


* Plastic Man suit and head from Brian Leitner

Brown Bear
May 20, '08, 8:22 AM
Just amazing......very very cool

May 20, '08, 9:10 AM
awesome job

monkey tennis
May 20, '08, 9:18 AM
Better Than a Royale with cheese...:biggrin:

May 20, '08, 10:24 AM
That's incredible! dude :drool:

May 20, '08, 3:01 PM
Great idea Anthony, love the packaging

Neutron X
May 20, '08, 3:08 PM

May 20, '08, 5:41 PM
Superb....love the mail box accesory...lol

Dec 18, '09, 12:17 PM
I love it! That'd be friggin sweet! Can you imagine? Not only would it open up an existing Plas license but it'd also leave the door open for people on the cartoon (Penny, Hula-Hula, varying enemies, etc.) and if all sells well, Baby Plas down the line.