View Full Version : Before You Chuck an Broken old Big Jim!!!! READ!!!

Mar 4, '20, 7:22 PM
Get some of this!!!
I was just messing around with some broken BIG Jim parts. (Broken hip connectors and hands) and thought I might try this.
The object of this glue is to hold the 2 broken ends together and brush the liquid on. The fluid works its way into the break and WELDS the two surfaces together. It works by CAPILLARY ACTION with in 10-20 seconds and will be permanent after several hours. IT WORKS ON THE PLASTIC THAT BIG JIM'S ARE MADE OF!!! If the two broken ends are a clean break, this stuff will make it impossible to see where the re-bonding has taken place.

I have Welded the hip connector back onto the pelvis of a Big Jim and it is HOLDING. I am going to let it set for several hours before I try re-connecting the leg. I have also WELDED two broken hands together and they are holding well also.

Mar 4, '20, 7:26 PM
I've used something similar to this on model kits and it is fantastic, so neat and strong.

Mar 4, '20, 7:34 PM
Sadly it does not work with the type of plastics MEGO's are made of.:ugh_y:

Mar 4, '20, 8:24 PM
So I found another JIM in need of repair with all the broken bits.
As you can see this one had a clean simple break of the hip connector. Holding these two bits tightly together, I'll brush the Plast-i-weld over the break and let it seep in. I then continue to hold for 20-30 seconds till the fluid welds the two surfaces together.
I can now release the item. The bond area is still soft as the chemical is still working. I intend to let it set over night and hopefully the join will become rigid and strong enough to hold.
Here is a closer shot. I hope you can see the merged surfaces and how this stuff FUSES them together.
I'll check back in tomorrow after work to let you all know if it worked and is strong enough to re-attach the leg.

Mar 6, '20, 8:31 PM
Hey update on the hip repair. It seems the surrounding plastics of the hip joint are to far gone. The weld area held but plastic near it gave out. I think the design is more at fault then the Plast-i-weld.
But in regards to the hands, it works great. The hand pictured did not have a clean break. Also the former owner fouled the join surfaces with Super glue which made joining the two surfaces more difficult. But the Weld worked. Do not know if you can see but it is a "PACK" hand which are notorious for crumbling over the years.

Mar 6, '20, 9:24 PM
Will this work on SMDM and Shoguns?

Mar 6, '20, 10:12 PM
Will this work on SMDM and Shoguns?

Cannot say as I do not have any broken Bionic Men or Shoguns to try it on. Tough I am thinking the SHoguns might not work. As I recall they are made of vinyl and I do not think Plast-i-weld works well with Vinyl.

Mar 7, '20, 3:47 AM
I was thinking mostly the launchers, not their bodies.

Neutron X
Mar 12, '20, 10:41 AM
I was wanting Big Jim gripping hands for my Super Joe repair I thought there would many. I found out there are many fantastic repairs out there for Big Jim so no piles of bits! I have seen repairs I didn't think possible. There is a great Big Jim repair on one of the Italian BJ sites. Basically you hot glue the broken hip ball in place. Drill small hole in front inside of pelvis. Insert small wire, wraps around old hip ball fits in groove of white ball joint after twisted together. Very hard to see and is strong.

For a cheap down and dirty repair just hot glue joint in let dry should hold for a quick display. Not a great repair but I've had a few I didn't feel like repairing on shelf for last few months. Not a good long term solution but will do for now.