View Full Version : Black Hole S.T.A.R figure value?

Jul 9, '19, 7:16 AM
Hello, I have an original Black Hole S.T.A.R figure (not magnetic) which I have had for as long as I can remember (I'm in my 40's) and am looking for a bit of advice i.e. what is the going rate and where am I best selling it I've looked on ebay and they don't come up that often so wasn't sure if there was somewhere else I wasn't aware of!

The figure is in used condition as you would expect and the left arm doesn't hold its position and gun in missing ...but I know it is still a rare figure and the gun can be sourced as the Sentry had the similar / same one?

Any help / guidance would be great!



Jul 9, '19, 7:50 AM
Coming from someone that's been wanting a S.T.A.R. for a long time, I do watch the auctions on ebay.

Generally in loose, and nice shape I see them going for $200-$300 sometimes more, depends on the bidders.

Jul 9, '19, 12:00 PM
Thank you for your reply

Jul 9, '19, 12:10 PM
Thank you for your reply

No problem and good luck with it! Did you have an Old B.O.B or Humanoid as well when you were a kid?

I'm still upset that Mego didn't have the full line released everywhere...

Jul 9, '19, 12:23 PM
Iím not sure how I actually got it but I was born late 70s so living in England it was all Star Wars for me so this figure was in with all my other non Star Wars figures! Sadly sold my Star Wars stuff years ago (though kept my boba Fett figure) couldnít sell that. I donít think I ever had an old B.O.B or humanoid but will have a look at my parents house as think they still have a box of old fisher price 70s / 80s figures etc but Iím 99% sure I donít have any other black hole figures (sadly) !!