View Full Version : Mego Meet 2019 Reveal and Preorders Announcement

Jan 1, '19, 3:01 PM
Hello All,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. As prominised, here is the annoncement you've all been waiting for.

The Official Exclusive for Mego Meet 2019 will be...... Mego's own Eagle Force Captain Eagle!!

He will be based on Megos 3" line and come with beret, eye patch, gun, boots, belt, suit and best of all Talon, his trained eagle. As a sneak peak here is a picture of Talon WIP with Action Jackson.

He will come carded using original card art.

As usual, the auction exclusive will be a 2-pack with Captain Eagle and his nemisis, General Mamba. It will be the only way to get General Mamba.

So, I am opening preorders early this year so everyone who wants one has a chance to get one and I have time to make them for Mego Meet. If you can't attend Mego Meet that's fine. I will mail yours to you after the show. Just pm me and I'll send paypal information. Price this year will $70 plus shipping. Just let me know of you are attending the Meet or need it to be mailed.

The prototype is almost finished and I will post a picture when it is.

I also know about the Kickstarter with the Eagle Force line of 4" figures. We have been in contact with Bill Murphy (the license holder) and he has given us his blessing to do these figures. In fact, he's pretty excited about it. So much so they plan to get a table at Mego Meet to sell their 4" line of Eagle Force figures, which he said should be ready by then. So some exciting things coming to Mego Meet this year.

I need to thank Austin, Random Axe, LaserMego and Mego73 for their help with this years exclusive. It really is about coming together here at the museum.

I also want to thank everyone who suggested a character to make. I now have a nice list going forward for the next few years.

So, that's it. I hope everyone is excited as we are for this years choice. I hope to sell out as always.


Jan 1, '19, 3:30 PM
Another inspired choice!

I don't know if I will be at Mego Meet, yet (hopefully)... but I am totally down for one.

Jan 1, '19, 3:41 PM
What an excellent choice! This is something I wanted from the new AJ.

Mary Canary
Jan 2, '19, 2:43 PM
What a cool idea! I can't wait to see how he turns out. Will his costume be metallic?

Random Axe
Jan 2, '19, 8:40 PM
What a cool idea! I can't wait to see how he turns out. Will his costume be metallic?

Yes. Outfit will be metallic. Couldn't imagine this dude any other way!

Jan 4, '19, 10:46 AM
Sweet... Definitely will be a welcome addition to my AJ line!!!

Jan 5, '19, 10:25 AM
can't wait to see it!

Jan 7, '19, 7:56 PM
wow! this one is going to be awesome.

Can't wait to see it. That is a real dream team of customs artists jamming on this one.

Jan 9, '19, 11:18 PM
Just want to let eveyone know I am only making what are ordered. If only 5 are ordered than that's what I will make. So please, if you are interested in a figure please set your order and placement in as soon as possible to ensure you are on the list.