View Full Version : Chef Freddy now available at NECA

Sep 10, '18, 8:18 AM


Sep 11, '18, 8:31 AM

Sep 16, '18, 1:31 PM
The fan base for this series must be really big. I just saw a big display of these at a flea market, I can't believe how many Freddy's and Jason's there are.

Sep 16, '18, 3:32 PM
I love these figures, but yeah, they're way too enamored of Freddy and Jason. I'm hoping they take on the Hellraiser Cenobites, Michael Myers from Halloween, and maybe revisit Eddie from Iron maiden - plenty more iterations of him to be done.

Sep 16, '18, 4:07 PM
Well, i think they're just going where the sales are with those two characters but I'm hopeful for some more obscurities myself.

Sep 17, '18, 12:42 PM
Oh, I get that and I don't blame NECA one bit for going with Jason and Freddy. You go where the money is - that's a given. I'm just hoping they take a breather from those two. I mean, how many variations are left of either one of 'em that NECA hasn't made a figure for.

To be fair, I've pretty much bought every variant as they become available - mostly to be a completist.

Sep 17, '18, 10:13 PM
So many horror characters they could do. But Freddy and Jason are evergreen, so yeah..

Sep 19, '18, 12:18 AM
Eh, I think it's fair that they do a bunch of Freddy and Jason, but I mean, in the 8 inch line they've gone well past them. They did Evil Dead, they've done 2 figures from Silent Night Deadly Night (3 if you count variants), ReAnimator, Angela from Night of the Demons and several Texas Chainsaw Massacre figures.

Some of those are super obscure. Granted, they didn't release all of those at mass retail and some were packed with DVDs or whatever, but they've done some deep dives in the horror category. But NECA also measures what they think will sell and only do things in a way that makes sense.

I just hope we get an 8 inch Halloween series.