View Full Version : ******The Customego Hall of Fame Slideshow******

Jun 9, '18, 3:08 PM
Big THANKS to Jim Bumgardner for the slideshow. He hit this one out of the park (as he always does).


Jun 10, '18, 1:29 AM
Nice. Liked seeing those prototypes.

Jun 10, '18, 5:39 AM
Great presentation, and yeah, those Retro Action Super Heroes prototypes are terrific. Man, how I wish those got into production!

Jun 11, '18, 3:26 PM
That was cool! Nice presentation!

Agree with what has been said about the Retro Action prototypes. Really would have liked to have seen Robin. I enjoyed collecting the Retro Action figures and would have kept on buying had the line gone deeper.

Jun 11, '18, 3:31 PM
Nice. Liked seeing those prototypes.

Oh yeah,Man...oh yeah. Super great detail on the Mattel stuff...and all of it. Just all of it. Very appreciated.

Mego Milk
Jun 11, '18, 11:22 PM
Ha! Nice!