View Full Version : TCM Noppin 8" two pack

Aug 29, '17, 9:45 AM
This is pretty inspired. Not my cup of two but I'm happy for fans cause it's going that extra mile of weird.


Aug 29, '17, 3:56 PM
Ahh, I'm falling behind! I need this and Chop Top still!

Aug 29, '17, 7:15 PM
I'm in the same boat - need Nubbins and Chop Top to fill out my TCM collection!

Aug 30, '17, 1:09 AM
is that an 8" scale polaroid land camera?

Aug 30, '17, 5:00 AM
What are these from? They don't look like anything TCM would show.

Night of the Living Dead? What others are in the collection?

Aug 30, '17, 6:20 AM
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Aug 30, '17, 6:53 AM
^Oh...NOW I get it. LOL

I thought it was Turner Classic Movies...

I feel like an idiot...I must be getting old.

Gorn Captain
Aug 31, '17, 10:58 AM
Good to see some more horror figures. I'm in.

Aug 31, '17, 7:31 PM
I've bought a lot of their horror figures and these are really nice, but not quite my thing. I do have Leatherface.

Remco Monster
Sep 18, '17, 11:43 PM
The Hitchhiker in TCM is one of my all time favorite horror movie characters. I can't freakin' wait for this. And now that the "puppet" from TCM 2 is going to be released, I need to pick up the Chop Top figure. Neca is killing it with the obscure/cult classic horror characters lately.