View Full Version : Fifteen hours later.....

Jun 20, '16, 10:40 PM
And we're home. What a blast. Why does it always go by so fast?

I have to echo everyone's comments so far. I have so much fun hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. Thanks to everyone for making Andrew feel welcome again after a 2 year absence.

Thanks for all the great deals and for buying some of my stuff. The exclusive Knight of Darkness sold out. Already working on next years.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my amalgam customs. I'm not in the league of some of you but I try. More to come on those shortly.

Love you all and am ready to do it again next year.

Jun 20, '16, 10:48 PM
I saw two of the KoD in the AM on Sat and should have jumped on them then. gone in 60 sec.
Awesome figure, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year.

Jun 21, '16, 12:10 AM
I think those Amalgams were some of my favourite things ever.

and thanks again to you and Elaine for the non stop sewing prior to the Meet. We had such a positive reception at our presentation and you guys are a huge part of that.


Jun 21, '16, 4:18 AM
It was genuine pleasure to meet you, my wife and I are looking forward to seeing you next year.

Jun 21, '16, 5:48 AM
Can't say enough about those Figures... Excellent Execution, great seeing you as always!

Jun 21, '16, 6:52 AM
great time as always, glad to see you guys!

Jun 21, '16, 10:20 AM
Always great to see you. The pillowcases will not only get good use but what a fantastic reminder of this event year round!

Brown Bear
Jun 21, '16, 3:57 PM
Next time I'm bringing a bigger suitcase for that Ali Ring. :)

Jun 21, '16, 5:06 PM
Always a pleasure seeing you my friend! Miss you already!

Jun 21, '16, 9:35 PM
Next time I'm bringing a bigger suitcase for that Ali Ring. :)

I am holding you to that. :yes:

Jun 22, '16, 5:57 PM
Always a pleasure to see you and your ever growing off spring.