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Jun 20, '16, 5:51 PM
Arrived back home around 3:30 today. Thank god I have one more day off as I have finally tapped out on the idea I will finish unpacking or setting up everything I bought. So onto it..
This year had been going south in a big way. While I have made some small gains by going to events, the reality of it is I needed to be around friends to clear my hear and get in a good place.
Despite a rough start (a blowout an hour into day 2 on the trip there, which pushed my arrival up several hours), things picked up the minute I arrived and saw everyone briefly at the launch party.
The next days days were a blur but a good one. Even the simple things many take for granted, like having people to share meals and conversation with were so uplifting. So while it's normal (and the best part of the Meet) thanks to everyone I talked to on the floor, in the suite, broke bread with or both. It's a reminder that while I only get to you folks once a year, I do have real friends who actually share many of interests to boot. It was also encouraging to hear from those who were in bad situations last year that have improved this year.
I also have to say I feel somewhat re-invigorated as a collector. While I have had a huge focus on getting stuff I don't already have, seeing Charlie's pristine stuff made me realize I now have the ability to go back and improve on pieces I cut corners on for financial reasons when I originally got them. For someone who was running out of stuff to get that's huge. It also gives a bit of joy to be letting pieces back out there as I upgrade. As the vintage stuff becomes harder to get I hope to help other collectors out by releasing pieces from my collection.
As always the food is a treat! Especially since I limit my intake of such things at home. Final note: I could not be happier my desire to own the E-Man/Nova two pack helped make it the hit of the auction, even if someone threatened to get punched in the face during bidding :smiley1: I always try to find something I want in the auction as helping the museum in this way is important to me.
Went by too fast, but nothing can seem to keep that from happening! Hope to see some of you in Feb if you can make it as once a year isn't enough!

Jun 20, '16, 7:57 PM
pretty touching Mike... I feel ya bro. It is so depressing when the weekend ends...
I'm really thinking of going if there is a repeat of the Ohio Meet this year.

Jun 20, '16, 8:01 PM
I'm really thinking of going if there is a repeat of the Ohio Meet this year.

That might be what I need to do...

Random Axe
Jun 20, '16, 8:32 PM
Totally happening. MegOhio can be scaled up but my venue as it stands now is free, and thats a good price. If i can get a decent sized list of those 80 percent sure then ill try a larger place.

Jun 20, '16, 8:38 PM
(sorry I sidetracked your thread Mike ;-) )

Ohio MM proposed dates?

Jun 20, '16, 8:43 PM
Always great to see you Mike. Glad you were able to snag up the Wonder Woman for your collection!

Jun 20, '16, 8:46 PM
Ohio portion of the drive is not too bad. I'd probably go assuming I can get any needed time off.

Jun 20, '16, 10:07 PM
Good to see you Mike... And there really wouldn't have been any punching lol I'd still be in Skokie if there was lol

Jun 20, '16, 11:52 PM
after hearing about your set-back on the road, I was absolutely delighted to see you at Aw yeah Comics dude. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

and boy, were Scott and I absolutely delighted that E-Man and Nova Kane are going to a good home! As always, thanks so much for your support. We really do appreciate it.

Jun 22, '16, 5:59 PM
Oh man, you had such a tough drive, hope it was smooth sailing home. Glad you had fun, terrific seeing you.