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Jun 19, '16, 10:34 AM
The Boy is driving; I'm on his hotspot chilling on my macbook, sad that another one is over. Saturday goes by entirely too fast...

As echoed in previous years, the meet is all about hanging out with everyone. Met some new faces this year too. I won't have to eat for at least three days because of all the deep dish pizza (soooo good) consumed.

Mad props to the team for coordinating. I think everything went super smooth this year. If I had any one thing to wish for, it would be more comfy megosuite furniture lol.

I came to the meet with a bit different mindset this year. Sure, I built a custom figure just for the meet this year, but was more like a project manager since I recruited some great talent to build the head and suit for me. I loved putting Bad Santa together. Once I started putting paint on that head, I could truly appreciate the sculpt work Andy did for me. The suits, wow...Jen really knocked em out for me. I remember getting the package in the mail from her - sometimes you get stuff from people and it wreaks of smoke. Not hers - that zip lock baggie got cracked open and it smelled soooooo nice. Not sure if it was perfume or baby powder, but it made me chuckle a bit. I knew Santa was a niche item, did not expect to sell a single one honestly...this was a figure for my personal collection and had a very limited amount of extra parts to build a couple.
I have had figures in various states of construction for well over a year, so I packed em all up and figured I would work on something. Didn't really get around to doing anything until Saturday morning at my table, and loved everyone stopping by seeing the progress and asking questions. There was one little guy who asked me to paint his Frankenstein head and I did not catch his name - so if you are reading this, post a pic of the finished figure!! :-)
I had some great head sculpts from Matt and finally got to meet him personally this year. I worked up a Christopher Lee Frankenstein that I'd been sitting on for a year, and was flattered someone thought so much of it seeing it built and finished, that he bought it as I put the final touches on it (now I have to do another one for me haha).

As I came with a different mindset this year, I also came with a different budget...and I kinda overdid myself and left with a huge amount of loot...couple things I never imagined I would bring home from a meet...I'm almost embarrassed to post a pic of it all hahaha, but it was fun.

I will remember to bring my own pillows next year...

To all my Mego family, I loved every single minute of our time together and can't wait to do it again. I'd rattle off names, but would feel awful if I left someone out. Mego Love to you all.

and Steve lived up to his promise and gave me far more than two minutes of his time :smiley1:

Jun 19, '16, 11:50 AM
It was a comfort seeing guys this year, thanks for all your generosity.

Steve and myself were sincere about Sean running Mego Meet 2020....

Jun 19, '16, 11:59 AM
Always love seeing the Gordys!!! Brilliant works as always! Maybe next year I Won't forget to bring the pieces I need duplicated lol!

Jun 19, '16, 3:27 PM
If I had any one thing to wish for, it would be more comfy megosuite furniture lol.

This. At one point i went back to my room just sit on the bed for a while.

Jun 19, '16, 4:29 PM
^^I was tempted to drag my nice chair and ottoman across the hall and put my feet up....but was too lazy haha.

Well, if Sean does 2020, Decatur does have the Decatur Conference Center and we have an airport. If the flight doesn't come into decatur, there are major airports in three directions - each one 1hr away. After that, it'd be Chicago, St Louis or Peoria airports.

Jun 19, '16, 4:51 PM
Great seeing you guys as always. Really needed to clear my head this year and get in a good place, and ...mission accomplished. Will post more when I arrive home.

Jun 19, '16, 7:18 PM
You guys are such an inspiration.. How many fathers and sons do you see that obviously enjoy hanging out together so much and making customs? The entire table is always a buzz with activity and you guys were so good with helping folks with their various projects this year... Thanks for the heat gun assist! So inspiring seeing the printer buzzing printing stuff

Jun 20, '16, 7:49 AM
I do love the relationship and creativity. I’m sure I don’t give The Boy enough kudos. He treated me good for Father’s Day:


It sure was a different change of pace for our table this year. For starters, we had two tables (thanks Steve). That worked out pretty nice and gave me the idea to paint at one of them. It was neat to share my experiences and see their faces...equally neat to see people just get mesmerized by the printer running all day.

Neutron X
Jun 20, '16, 11:18 AM
Great Father's Day present!

Jun 20, '16, 11:19 AM
Always great to see you guys. You always bring the quality of the experience up a notch.
Lily LOVES and is amazed the fact you were able to print Hellboy parts instantly. (And the Boy helped her attach them)

I normally would complement your customs, but that santa was Bad.

Jun 20, '16, 12:28 PM
I think MM is successful because of all the good juju - we all feed off each others happiness. Coming home is quite depressing actually in a weird sense.
Lilly is growing up fast! It was fun to help engage her creativity.

I see what you did there Mr Pun haha

Blue Meanie
Jun 20, '16, 8:58 PM
I do love the relationship and creativity. Iím sure I donít give The Boy enough kudos. He treated me good for Fatherís Day:


That's a really nice Doctor Doom. Is that one of Sean's creations??

Jun 20, '16, 9:02 PM
^^ yup. He got all the parts at the meet, had it almost done but ran out of time. He finished it up Sunday night for me.

Blue Meanie
Jun 20, '16, 9:08 PM
^^ yup. He got all the parts at the meet, had it almost done but ran out of time. He finished it up Sunday night for me.

Might have to place a side order for a Doctor Doom to go along with Deadpool :yes:

Jun 20, '16, 9:09 PM
^^I'm sure he'd love to

Jun 20, '16, 10:06 PM
Always great to see you guys each year.