View Full Version : The last hurdle passed!

Jun 13, '16, 4:47 PM
Annual post. Last day of work until after I return from MM was today. The wait wasn't quite as bad this year since I've had events to go to on a fairly consistent basis, including this weekend. Of course none of these measures up the Meet. This is my BIG trip of the year and there's nothing I look forward to more than going, seeing all of you and being around friends for three days, which quite frankly I need right now. I'll see 'ya there!

Jun 13, '16, 4:50 PM
Nice, I have sales meetings and a launch to power through before i'm free to go.

Jun 13, '16, 5:40 PM
after a stressful day at work today, I wish I was done; but I have until 5pm wednesday night. Can’t wait to hang out with ya.

Brown Bear
Jun 13, '16, 5:56 PM
Me too. Wednesday at 5pm then it's go time!

Jun 13, '16, 6:05 PM
Not leaving until Wed at around Noon (fingers-crossed), but tomorrow at 5 PM I'M DONE...and that means so much more this year then most...really need this break.

Drive Safe Mike :)

Jun 13, '16, 9:50 PM
was going to hit the road today, but got delayed, so the journey to Skokie begins tomorrow.

Jun 13, '16, 11:16 PM
At work till Wednesday but today was the last big work day for us here in the Bronx, we are so ready for this it's an understatement!!!