View Full Version : MM2016 Exclusive Reveal & Pre-Order

Apr 6, '16, 9:24 PM
Hey Everyone,

The Mego Meet 2016 exclusive figure is Ideal's Knight of Darkness. He will come with his gun and in a replica box.

The edition size has been reduced to 20 figures total with one unique one for the auction. Anyone can reserve one now whether you are coming to MM or not. I will mail them out when I get back from the show.

The price is $65 and goes towards buying the bodies, heads, boots, suits and boxes to make them.

If anyone has the gun and box I could borrow to have reproduced that would be great. I'd rather not go to ebay if I don't have to.

I do apologize for the delay in getting this out there. If you are interested in reserving one or more please pm me for paypal information.

Thanks for looking and I hope everyone is pleased. I like the way he turned out. I will get some better pics up during daylight hours this weekend.

Oh, and next year will be the first female Mego Meet exclusive.


Apr 6, '16, 9:29 PM
It's a great-looking figure, Scott. KOD is probably my favorite knock-off.

Apr 7, '16, 10:19 AM
Wow, that is an excellent idea and a great figure!

Apr 7, '16, 5:59 PM
I will own one of these.

Mego Milk
Apr 7, '16, 8:16 PM

Apr 7, '16, 8:29 PM
That looks awesome, what a great idea!

Apr 7, '16, 8:31 PM
Sign me up for one!

Apr 7, '16, 8:49 PM
looks awesome. Let me know if you still need a box scan. Gun is the same as the Flash Gordon set. I think the PM version was a little different, but basically same gun so those are pretty easy to come across. I can send you one of those as well.

Apr 7, '16, 9:44 PM
Looks great!

Yes same gun as Flash Gordon, but a duller gray rather than silver like Flash.

Random Axe
Apr 10, '16, 7:24 PM
Definitely down for this. Terrific character choice.

Apr 24, '16, 9:43 AM
I'm not familiar with this one,
but he looks great!!!

Jun 12, '16, 9:11 PM
Betcha thought I forgot, huh? Down to the wire again, lol.

My poor wife has been sewing non-stop for 3 days for me, Austin and Ed. She was able to wrap these up tonight so here it is in the box (Mike hit another home run on).

Head and suit - Austin
Suit work - my wife Elaine
Belt and gun - Lasermego
Boots, cape and body - CTV
Paints - me
Box - Mego73

If you have paid and/or reserved one please drop me a pm and let me know if I should bring yours to Mego Meet for delivery or not. I'd rather not tote these 1500 miles if I don't need to. Thanks again for looking.