View Full Version : Big Jim Flashbak

Jul 5, '15, 6:44 PM

Brown Bear
Jul 5, '15, 6:57 PM
I still love my Big Jim collection. Dr Steel remains one of my favorite figures from ANY line.

Jul 5, '15, 7:13 PM
Thanks for the link! I have the camper and jet, but not the rescue-rig.

I love the safari hut playset, I have it and the jeep, too. It's a very clever reworking of a Barbie item--BJ did that often and well.

Dec 19, '15, 6:39 AM
That's a great collection....a lot of Jims!

Apr 8, '16, 3:19 AM
I can never get enough of Big Jim in the classic edition or the Pack version. For me both are timeless.

Brown Bear
Apr 8, '16, 6:11 AM
Dr Steel remains one of thee greatest figures ever made imo