View Full Version : Big Jim...and Pulsar?

Jul 5, '15, 10:32 AM
I like collecting Mattel's Big Jim, and I love Mattel's 14" Pulsar line--but it's only three (very cool) items.

Pulsar shares some similar sculpt aesthetics with BJ, but with limited articulation. I'm curious as to whether fans--as I have--wished Pulsar was instead a modification of the 10" Big Jim figure.

Maybe Mattel wouldn't have wanted to do that with Big Jim's P.A.C.K. dying off, but it could have allowed for vehicles, accessories, etc.

Jul 5, '15, 12:53 PM
Pulsar was a unique figure. I really liked seeing his internal blood vessels and lungs pumping in that scale. I always thought that was a neat feature. At the time he was new, I even got the Life Center playset. It was a fun time to enjoy that kind of play and there was really nothing like him to compare to. I never really thought about him in a Big Jim scale. That might have been a consideration, but it would have made his chest feature considerably smaller. It's hard to know if that would have worked at that scale, but it's certainly fun to imagine him in that way. I love Big Jim. I truly wish that would be a line they brought back, but it's so intrinsically connected with that specific era, it would be difficult to make him multi-generational in today's market without losing those unique features that made him so fun back then. To me Big Jim IS that figure. What has perplexed me is why the flexing arms have never come back in one form or another. Mine remain in great shape and that would be such a great feature on modern figures.

Jul 5, '15, 2:24 PM
I loved the "knock-off" version of the Bionic Man figure. I just wish they would have done both lines in Mego format. I would have love to add them into my Bionic Team.

Jul 5, '15, 5:53 PM
As a child, I originally received Pulsar when convalescing form leg surgery. I thought he was terrific fun, even more so than SMDM. Later, I had the Life Systems playset (which again, I thought eclipsed the Steve Austin rocket). I acquired Hypnos as an adult.

These seemed fun and perfectly playable at the time. I guess it's only as an adult fan that I question the scale and extent of the Pulsar line. I just want more!

Jul 5, '15, 6:28 PM
As a child I could not understand the concept. His power was the fact that he had a clear chest?


Jul 5, '15, 7:19 PM
No--he was a super-charged cyborg hero--partially synthetic. That "visible man" aspect fascinated me, and I loved the idea that he could be programmed like a computer for mission tasks.