View Full Version : NECA has it's own forum now? Aweomse!

Feb 20, '15, 5:17 PM

Given that they have shown their commitment to the format, and expanded the audience of the 1/9th scale hobby, as well as pushed the look and feel of what is possible with "Retro Cloth" figures, I'm delighted to see the management has given them their own section!

With so many companies jumping on board the ReMego train, it's terrific to see this section of the museum expanding. As many have previously said, it' really is an embarrassment of riches, and there seems to be something for everyone these days for all tastes and preferences.

Feb 20, '15, 5:36 PM
It's overdue.

I enjoy doing these sort of things and waiting for people to notice.

Feb 20, '15, 6:02 PM
As an early advocate of such, thanks much for the add. :)

Here's a big thread in the Modern section that would love to be here: http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?99277-Anyone-got-new-released-or-Pre-order-NECA-Planet-of-the-Apes

Feb 20, '15, 6:02 PM
Yes, they definitely deserve their own forum!

Feb 21, '15, 4:37 AM
NECA is really pushing the limits and putting out some extremely nice 1/9th scale figs at a price point that truly is well worth the money...just look at resell value of Jason Part 1, heck, can’t touch one for less than $35 and it’s $49 plus shipping typically.

Feb 21, '15, 6:10 AM

Feb 21, '15, 6:25 AM
Great figures, I wish we had a official representative who would chime in from time to time.

Feb 21, '15, 8:13 AM
Awesome indeed!

Gorn Captain
Feb 21, '15, 10:24 AM
Great news!
I really love what Neca is doing. To me, they are worthy successors of the Mego legacy, not just the scale, but the variety of licences they offer.
And now with their Apes retro line, the circle is complete.
It's Mego, the Next Generation!

Feb 22, '15, 2:51 AM
This is awesome. I'm glad that now has a place for discussion!

Feb 22, '15, 3:01 AM
The museum just keeps growing.

Feb 22, '15, 7:52 AM
Great figures, I wish we had a official representative who would chime in from time to time.

I think we're ridiculously spoiled in having most of the Major ReMego companies represented here, and if the are not, you just know they are at least looking in and taking note on what folks are saying about their product. Hopefully that is the case with NECA.

Feb 23, '15, 9:18 AM
Nice addition! Yep. NECA is definitely making their mark in the Mego world. Lots of great licenses to look forward to. It seems like it wasn't that long ago when I considered many licenses a no-go for eventual Mego releases. These days the sky is the limit.