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Feb 4, '15, 7:03 AM
I understand that this was the first figure released by Mattel to use the "big jim" body back in 1971, and is quite rare.

The question that I would like to ask, is were these all released with white plastic trunks, or did some of them come with say blue or the traditional orange plastic trunks? Also was the head used on any other standard Big Jim. I know that it is the same as Big Jeff, but the hair colour is not the same.

Many thanks in advance.

Feb 4, '15, 8:14 AM
It wasn't '71, it was '78.

Not sure about the trunks but it's Big Jeff with a dark rinse in his hair. It was used a great deal in Europe:


Feb 4, '15, 1:11 PM
Thanks for that. Never heard of Astros.

It looks to me then that Astros could quite easily be passed off as a Tarzan figure, if he were put in a loincloth.

Surely it must be the case that the Tarzan figures must have had the White plastic trunks, in order to differentiate them from the various versions out there. Just need confirmation on this.

Is it not also the case that the Tarzan figure was a darker tan, and the hair was black. Astros looks to be a lighter shade.

Big Tibo
Feb 7, '15, 11:21 AM
Tarzan looks more like a Jeff with hair repainted in black. He has white underpants and spheres for the leg attachments.
Astros has blue underpants, elasticated legs attachments, and has a clearer skin color. Tarzan is more darker tan as you say.

Feb 9, '15, 3:50 AM
Excellent Big Tibo. Just the sort of info I was looking for!
Many thanks.

Big Tibo
Feb 16, '15, 5:04 AM
As long as this is not used for repro issues, I'm good with sharing this sort of information. I've crossed many fake Tarzans.

Apr 8, '16, 3:25 AM
The Tarzan line was one of the last incarnations for the Big Jim line in America. They also used the body for the Grizzly Adams line that year and of course the market overseas went on for much longer than it did in the states. I still have my original Tarzan figure from the 70's. I don't know it to be fact but if I had to guess I would say the white trunk version and darker toned bodies were likely overstocked bodies Mattel had from the Gold Medal Big Jim figures that I remember not being such hot sellers. They use to have tons of those in free standing displays and I can remember them just not moving that well. That looks like the stock body before they printed the respective flags on the trunk region.

Apr 19, '17, 3:36 AM
Any idea as to the current going rate for a loose Big Jim Tarzan is, in very good condition?

Sep 22, '17, 12:41 AM
Here are some pics of Tarzan. Yeah he is a black painted hair Big Jeff head. White shorts.

Sep 22, '17, 9:51 PM
I love the Elephant, would work well with the mego Tarzan.

Sep 22, '17, 11:12 PM
I love the Elephant, would work well with the mego Tarzan.

Yeah it would. The elephant is made by Marx.

Sep 23, '17, 6:29 AM
Yeah it would. The elephant is made by Marx.

Yes. I love the Marx safari animals.

Jun 10, '18, 9:50 AM
What is the current going rate for one?

Jul 26, '18, 11:30 PM
Mine has white trunks

Jul 27, '18, 5:40 AM
Thatís, by far, my favorite Tarzan figure!

- Ian

Jul 27, '18, 7:45 AM
Still have mine from childhood. I remember the day I saw him. I thought, " It's Big Jeff as Tarzan! It works!"

Jul 27, '18, 9:50 AM
It really does scream Tarzan to me. It’s always checked all of the Tarzan boxes.

- Ian