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  1. Custom outfit needs
  2. Shout out to the toyroom
  3. In progress
  4. Looking for a Head Shrink of this 12 Inch Head. Can anyone help?
  5. New Rit Dye
  6. Using cardboard boxes to make vehicles and playsets for 4.5"action figures
  7. sewn in shorts
  8. New Hulk Pez that is out...Nice sculpt
  9. Question to Experts on Fabrics...
  10. FTC's Invisible Girl repro head: eyes
  11. Needing some ideas.
  12. Experts: What Head Looks Most Like Stephen King in Creepshow?
  13. Sources for 12 inch mego clothes
  14. Putting a resin head on a ZICA Yvonne
  15. Question about FTC Dressed to Kill suits
  16. CTVT Conan fur shorts
  17. Wolverine claws
  18. Spraying with acrylic paints
  19. More Diversity is Needed All Around
  20. Doc Savage and his Fabulous Five
  21. puttin a head on a body
  22. Does anybody here make water slide decals?
  23. batmobile for 12" gi joe mego
  24. removing hands
  25. Has anyone produced a custom Mego-style ZORRO clamshell card?
  26. A question regarding sculpting, mold-making and casting...
  27. Removing Mattel Hero heads
  28. custom cardbacks for 4.5"action figures
  29. Source for 1960's 'Action/Advenure' head
  30. 12" Mego Hand Manipulation Techniques?
  31. colossus head
  32. Dying to change clothing colors
  33. Has anyone used Amazing Clear Cast Resin?
  34. Custom Vinyl Like Flesh Tone heads are back!!!!
  35. CTVT Batman boots & gloves on Yvonne?
  36. Twilight Zone Cyclops
  37. A question regarding head shrinking
  38. Mego Meet 2011(?) Interview with me -- MegoWGSH
  39. Value of Daisy Dukes on Card Denim Shorts??
  40. Fading an FTC shirt
  41. Shrinking FTC white sneakers
  42. What needs shrinking?
  43. Does anybody here know who made this?
  44. does anyone know who sells these
  45. Stage and Screen Icons
  46. the squadron sinister
  47. Ideas for parachute and backpacks?
  48. Exact size of a mego head?
  49. squadron sinister stickers
  50. firelord
  51. Removing dark stains from modern Re-Mego bodies?
  52. the klaw head
  53. Who was it that did the AA heads in Spain?
  54. a 8"grey bodysuit
  55. Switching out 12" Mego hands
  56. Custom mego playsets for 4.5"superhero action figures
  57. next to the last mohican
  58. before I buy...Anybody have input on these bodies from CTVT?
  59. Need ideas for John Steed
  60. Custom 18" remego?
  61. New custom figures
  62. Loose Terry from SWAT
  63. Printed costumes
  64. Custom cardback templates for 4.5"superhero action figures
  65. Atomic Pile (Batcave 66)
  66. Robin 9" Hasbro figure on a Mego-type body?
  67. Possible dead horse beating. Read at your own risk.
  68. "Glass" in glasses
  69. Repro Ilia head critique
  70. False Face Mask
  71. 3D laser scanners
  72. MarcelloD's 3D printed heads and items thread
  73. black lumpy fabric
  74. How can you make a playset without Dida Displays?
  75. Custom boxes for 4.5"superhero action figures question
  76. John Paul Jones (knock-off Hero of the Revolution series) coat?
  77. Help with finding a Reb Brown Captain America clear shield
  78. Invisible Girl Before and After
  79. Wonder Woman Before and After
  80. 1:9 Scale 1966 Bat Signal
  81. Westerns
  82. figma archetype:he / she
  83. Can you make 2 heads into 1?
  84. Restored Invisible Girl
  85. Does anyone produce a 1:9 Doc Savage head sculpt? (Silver Age)
  86. Who's body suit is this?
  87. Moebius Adam West Batman
  88. Fake G.I. Joe's weapons for Megos
  89. Wonder Woman boots
  90. Wonder Woman
  91. dr.doom
  92. FTC Batman Weapons Wall
  93. Instamorph moldable plastic for action figure accessories
  94. Has anyone made Hogan's Heroes customs?
  95. Cleaning ink off a Mego head?
  96. doc octopus tentacles
  97. Possible Statley Wayne Manor Batcave custom...
  98. Shrunken Heads: Dr Strange Edition...
  99. question about Reaction figures
  100. new 3d printer coming out next month
  101. Trek (TOS) Who Morns for Adonis (help)
  102. head idenfication needed please
  103. Brother Voodoo?
  104. Does Doc Mego or FTC Sell Batgirl Purse Belts?
  105. how to dye a suit
  106. Painting with Glow in the Dark paint question...
  107. Hair rooting?
  108. Could this head be used for a Mego custom?
  109. who does head shrinking?
  110. LJN wrestlers?
  111. Posting etiquette?
  112. Adding articulated joints to figures that don't have them?
  113. making custom playsets for 4.5"superhero action figures
  114. a question regarding custom vehicles for 4.5"superhero action figures
  115. 4.5"superhero action figure custom cardback templates
  116. Painting original / FTC heads
  117. Anyone here have a Michael Myers mego scale head??
  118. Removing permanent marker from Megos
  119. Lego costume yellowing?
  120. Looking for Custom Help
  121. resin copy of Tomland Star Raiders "Zing" head
  122. who can add neck stem on a head?
  123. 1:6 Dejah Thoris Princess of Mars custom suggestions?
  124. Mattel Retro Action figures - customizing advice?...
  125. UK Astro Apes Accessories?
  126. Clothes for 12" Mego?
  127. Resource for Custom/Repro vintage Star Wars 3 3/4" cardbacks?
  128. Working hurricane lantern using Xmas battery-operated tealights
  129. How to make a Robin/Zorro black mask from cotton?
  130. 8" Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Custom
  131. deathlok
  132. Star Trek Playmates modification.
  133. NECA bodies
  134. Printable Fabric Sheets/Labels for Laser printers?
  135. Source to get ball/socket Neca type bodies
  136. Anyone know how to contact piecemaker?
  137. Vinyl?
  138. Flatt Drac hands on Emce Dracula
  139. Does anyone recognize the Female body used for this custom?
  140. star wars heads needed!!
  141. A face for BBP's Fembot
  142. I'm wondering? 7" Robin head.....
  143. HELP NEEDED! Renovating/Customizing Mego Starsky Torino
  144. Has anyone made a Frank Gorshin head?
  145. karnak head
  146. New FTC generic heads in many pretty colors
  147. Custom mego head sculpt question
  148. commissions?
  149. Where to get Dinah shoes duplicated in bulk?
  150. Army helmets?
  151. 1st appearance Hulk head?
  152. Bald head options?
  153. Head for Archer on FX
  154. Question about Sinestro Corps customs
  155. Fabric Glue?
  156. DC Retro Action Head Removal
  157. Knee pin help
  158. getting sunglasses to stay on
  159. 3D Printing resources
  160. Looking for Indiana jones mego scale parts
  161. Flash Patterns?
  162. Resealable clamshells for double pack carded figures?
  163. deadpool accessories
  164. do 6" accessories work for 8" figures
  165. leg holsters
  166. Question about bodies
  167. Who has the Best BATMAN headsculpt forsale?
  168. Need help removing a stain
  169. Dremel Quest
  170. Haircut for molded hair
  171. Art question: Stilt-Man
  172. Has anybody made a 8 inch Trump head yet?
  173. Zica Yvonne female body modifications
  174. GAH Head
  175. New cosplay fabrics at Joann
  176. Wanting to Frankenstein an Isis Together. Head seems a sticking point as last time.
  177. Looking for more detailed sunglasses for 1/9, 8" figures
  178. Late 70's Elvis Presley Head Sculpts?
  179. Leather pants?
  180. DOCTOR WHO head sculpt (maybe custom)?
  181. Mego LenScrafters
  182. Shoes for Child Body?
  183. alpha flight
  184. My Killer Moth "obsession" and serendipity
  185. I'm dyeing to make Dr. Mego's Hulk body green.
  186. Custom ideas for AJ and DM
  187. Mego Scale Marvel Danger Room
  188. How to Paint over top of Black Marker??
  189. glueing fabric
  190. Where to find a white turtleneck...
  191. I need help finding a png file for eagle force
  192. Dying Stuff: What Am I doing wrong?
  193. Art to MEGO Hall Of Justice Playset REQUEST
  194. Punisher Head Question
  195. Need Mego-scale Hard Hat for a Construction Worker custom
  196. Looking for customizer to shrink my KISS talismans to 1/6 and 1/9 scale
  197. Looking for a Anton Lavey custom Mego (Illegal Megos)
  198. bodysuit templates
  199. First Time Customizer Paint Question
  200. Need this gun in 1:9 Mego scale (or close) Please see pic in thread
  201. gorgon head
  202. trying to contact sculptor 'Reggie'
  203. Any Hints On Where To Find Plastic Chain?
  204. Need some Help Repairing a Batlab - Plan to 3D print parts
  205. Help with 1989 batman belt
  206. Who sculpts custom mego heads?
  207. Anyone use FTC's molded superhero gloves?
  208. CTVT Bodysuit On Type S Body Question
  209. Speaking of RIT dye
  210. Doc Mego bodies...
  211. My Superhero Project
  212. This looks familiar
  213. Is a new 8" body needed or wanted?
  214. Old School Custom Packaging Tutorial
  215. Advice for re-painting a doll sized Big Wheel
  216. Help with accessories?
  217. What needs to be shrunk to Mego size?
  218. What needs to be enlarged to Mego size?
  219. Making custom vinyl playsets
  220. "paint mask"
  221. re-rooting a head video with re-root tool
  222. CTVT teen bodies and shoes
  223. Has anybody used smooth-cast 325?
  224. Matchbox Fighting Furies box
  225. Mononofu Armor
  226. Help on Starting a Custom Batmobile Build
  227. Quick Question on Custom project
  228. Custom project Question?
  229. Shoes to fit ZICA Yvonne?
  230. Rit Synthetic Dye $2.99 At A.C. Moore
  231. Falcon head?
  232. Mego sized heads Flash Gordon question?
  233. cowled female head
  234. A Little Batman Help Please?
  235. Has anybody here ever made or thought of making a Mego Alien Xenomorph?
  236. Kim Gordon custom on FBMegoMania
  237. Attaching custom rotocast heads
  238. Batmobile custom length
  239. Converting Playmates Trek to Mego
  240. Looking for M65 Military Jacket
  241. resin head pricing
  242. Mattel Vac-U-Form...
  243. Mego Scale Mauser pistol
  244. Adapter for Yvonne head??
  245. Playmates Clothing
  246. Wanted: Beater Romulan head
  247. Are these heads mego scale?
  248. 12" Knee Pins
  249. Customizer on Ebay...
  250. Chrome parts, chroming parts