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  1. Daredevil outfit in my mailbox
  2. Question about Dinah Western Trains outfit
  3. "Dirtying" a figure
  4. Box Fonts
  5. Painting plastic shoes - an experiment
  6. Elbow pins and rubber bands
  7. Custom kresge
  8. Custom Box for Palitoy ST Transporter WANTED
  9. Shrinking a Mego head???
  10. Molding pros!
  11. I got one of my Holy Grails!!!
  12. Obscure Robin costume help
  13. quick milliput question
  14. Squashworks Priest?
  15. Devilman Custom?
  16. Bartender Accesories
  17. What existing characters already look like Billy and Mentor from Filmation Shazam?
  18. Elves on Shelves
  19. cleaning vintage mego clothes
  20. Brown swivel arms
  21. Kitbashing
  22. Parts for my 2 custom Megos arrive
  23. Dinah Mite shoe question.
  24. BBP / EMCE Newer Body Type...
  25. CTVT Hulk body
  26. Silver Sufer question
  27. Iron man - helmet and heads
  28. Star Trek custom accessories...
  29. Stuff I am Surprised Nobody's Selling
  30. Removing an ink mark....
  31. Where can I get this Iron Man head?
  32. Zorro repro
  33. Some new stuff I've done.........
  34. Spider-Woman webbing question
  35. Furry look Beast head?
  36. Star Wars Scale Issues!!!
  37. Alternative "dying" method
  38. online 3D printing
  39. CTVT heads
  40. Poof!
  41. Enlarging plastic piece for helmet visor
  42. EMCE/BBP Bigfoot fur fabric
  43. Retro action body questions
  44. New custom mego store?
  45. I need opinions
  46. Now This is a Commander Pike...
  47. CTVT pee pee stance fix
  48. In need of a graphic designer! Captain Britain Project
  49. Lab Equipment?
  50. How do you Measure a Doll Head ?
  51. Marvel Famous Covers for custom Mego's
  52. Vacuum vs Pressure pot
  53. Jacylyn Smiths fate determined by this room
  54. Mego sized desk
  55. Sports Uniforms
  56. Anyone try to build Super-City?
  57. Mad Monster Manipulation
  58. Custom mego head sculpts
  59. In search of emblems
  60. 3d Battlestar Galactica Landram Canon
  61. Making a custom thor
  62. Custom mego costumes
  63. Interest in new Captain Action-style "Loki" head for Megos?
  64. Hammer Dracula and Mummy Mego Style have arrived
  65. Interested in some Custom Figures
  66. CAD cut Vinyl Stickers
  67. Available Vinyl Heads
  68. Vinyl Batman emblems
  69. custom ff and thing suits?
  70. Vinyl Batman Emblems (26 in all) for sale $5 a sheet
  71. Iron Fist Tattoo
  72. Hydra emblem one last post for a while
  73. Sticker section of my new shop is open...
  74. What is the Mego Style
  75. Altering a bodysuit
  76. Swivel arm buff body
  77. John Stewart head enlarged! Need! Want! Help!!!
  78. Body Suits going up on the store...
  79. Hunter Dan head
  80. NASA Decals Anyone?
  81. doll restoration
  82. Help Me Choose a Head! :)
  83. New Stuff up at the store... New Body suits and Boots and Gloves
  84. Which Bodysuits Are Most Like Classic Mego?
  85. Some BK Heads }
  86. Pullip clothes for girls?
  87. New vinyl Stickers
  88. Dr. Stange makes a house call
  89. Two Layer Batman Emblem...
  90. Stormtrooper Customs/Kits
  91. Licences of the Mego Era and customizing question.
  92. Need a head shrinker
  93. Titan sized Spider-Man
  94. Logan's Run
  95. Captain Atom blasts to Canada
  96. Captain action on 12" mego bodies
  97. How to get "A" Head in customs...
  98. New Mego like head out there!!!
  99. help! I broke a leg
  100. Set in dirt removal question
  101. to shrink or enlarge a casting/mold
  102. Glue
  103. Heads up!
  104. Dose anyone do a good 1960's Sean Connery head?
  105. Lone Ranger and Tonto
  106. looking for a Dr Doom head..
  107. Happy President's day! Take 20% off everything at the custom store!
  108. Enlarged a head
  109. ebay Action Figure Backgrounds
  110. 3D printing advances
  111. New elastic in old tights? A good idea, bad idea? Can it be done by hand?
  112. Painting heads... Help!
  113. Still looking for someone who can remold a doll head!!
  114. Red Tornado blows in to town
  115. Hercules looks like Superman
  116. Hit a brick wall and could use your help on a custom
  117. Twisted Toyfare Theatre customs
  118. The Flueplayer 1/6 Scale Custom has escaped Vasaria
  119. All my orders are in the mail!
  120. New Stuff at Amerikaiju Custom store
  121. New Stuff at Amerikaiju Custom store
  122. Its getting weirder out there!!!
  123. Custom Lone Ranger Question
  124. Cast-A-Way Build A Hero ( or we call it dress up Megos!)
  125. hair club for dolls??
  126. Customizers Advice and Help needed!!!
  127. Wanted Parts To Build Custom Figures
  128. Help with hands
  129. Funky Hand Thoughts.
  130. "curing" resin heads in boiling water?
  131. Custom Batman capes
  132. help with sizes
  133. Dying New CTVT Female Heads
  134. Looking for a Matt smith doctor who sculpt
  135. Sgt bilko
  136. BK Heads } Bale Wayne
  137. Need some ideas on Breaking Bad customs
  138. DC 9" clothes
  139. In need of a Mego-scale musket
  140. Shrinking vs. enlarging?
  141. ST: TOS "The Empath"
  142. This looks really nice -anybody here
  143. Scan of Star Trek Mego cards
  144. Online galleries?
  145. Dr. Mego
  146. Removing Paint from figures?
  147. Booster Gold Question
  148. Mego Batman Foot Split along side.
  149. Need Help With Very First Custom
  150. Mego scale COFFIN !
  151. Custom head suggestions
  152. Repro Conan shorts
  153. Muscle Body Questions???
  154. Shrinking a head.....
  155. Adam West Batman Custom Question
  156. Sanding heads to fit?
  157. Help with emblems
  158. Washing a White MegoBuck Rogers Outfit
  159. QUESTION Painting Vs Dyeing Hands
  160. Cat head for Megos?
  161. Which has more "Mego like" Bodysuit - CTVT or Dr. Mego?
  162. Touching up Mego Head
  163. Arm keeps popping to the side on Mego T2?
  164. Need Silver surfer head idea
  165. BK Heads } A Few More
  166. Broken Mego Foot
  167. Elastic in Star Trek Pants?
  168. Contact info for Teresa
  169. Broken wrist pins in forearms
  170. Water based Acrylic paint ok for Mego Head?
  171. Enlarge a Bulletman Helmet
  172. Sandman Idea Needed
  173. Kitbash Compatibility - Action Jackson / Magnificent Team / Lion Rock
  174. Shrinking FC Wolverine boots?
  175. Removing stains from Retro Mego body
  176. ideas for STEEL's costume
  177. *** mego meet custom auction *** we need you and your customs!!! ***
  178. Help with changing LJN legs for Mega Star Trek ones
  179. Silk Screened Body Suits?
  180. Dyeing doc mego boots.
  181. Ethical question.... What would you do
  182. I need a talented caster for a top secret project that will benefit DC Toy Fans.
  183. which reseal glue?
  184. Some Stuff I'm Working on
  185. A few heads I did......... hope this works
  186. A few heads I did part two
  187. Apologies, basic help please
  188. OGME custom MEGO FACEBOOK page
  189. Star Trex Uhura should become?
  190. A few heads I did part 3
  191. Best paints and brushes to use on heads
  192. Custom accessories (stairs, monitors etc)
  193. Painting belts and boots
  194. Whose head would you use for the Doctor?
  195. WANTED: Martian Chronicles alien heads Resin copies
  196. Boots that fit Hulk feet?
  197. I need the mego museums communitys help with a custom figure
  198. Need Help From The Custom Package Pros
  199. 3D Print heads
  200. Bulletman helmet?
  201. I need backer card assistance with trek figures
  202. OUCH! major mistake on a new Batman figure
  203. Is there such a thing as a Mego Peacoat?
  204. Batman gloves
  205. A few more heads I did
  206. How can I make these?
  207. 8 inch flocked gi joe head???
  208. Repro Teen Titans bubbles: Canada Shoppers Drug Mart: "Stylize" Self-Holding Rollers
  209. Anyone know how to safely remove hands from vintage 12" Megos?
  210. I would like to challenge someone to repro 12 inch mego robin shoes for $50 cash
  211. Flocking 8" bodies.
  212. Advice on a custom Billy Batson
  213. How would you go about removing a molded mustache?
  214. What glue to reattach ST: TOS vintage emblem foil?
  215. Custom 8" micronaut help
  216. Help with aking mego and mego like hands grip
  217. Clamshell Packaging for Carded Custom 8 inch figures from classictvtoys
  218. Classic TV Toys RANT
  219. Castaway pirate boots help
  220. 12 in Custom Mego Aquaman: Any Suggestions on Heads and Outfits?
  221. Does anyone sell Mego custom Mego heads?
  222. 3D Printers story on Yahoo
  223. Hawkman Harness Help?
  224. Has anyone ordered from Amerikaiju?
  225. Nick Fury gun suggestions?
  226. Should I sell Extra Mego Heads
  227. Super Joe joints?
  228. A Question
  229. Hiring for Customs
  230. star trek custom
  231. Clamshell Packaging
  232. Blank custom mego card fronts and backs
  233. Anybody ever do a ROM head?
  234. flesh tone paints for heads
  235. Atom custom.
  236. Evel Knievel Helmets
  237. Custom Idea
  238. is mold release flammable?
  239. Col. Saunders
  240. Need help with Trek Aliens font!
  241. Darth Vader Help!
  242. 12" Giganta Custom -- Need body advice
  243. Need some head advice
  244. First time "customizer" need advice...
  245. Anyone interested?
  246. Wonderman Safari Jacket Pattern?
  247. Retro Green Lantern to Green Hornet
  248. a few new heads part 4 ?
  249. In need of 2 Martian man hunter harnesses
  250. What to use for a Mego Tattoo?