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Thread: tintin info

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    Apologies for the "outfit" links.
    KOMonger, if you have pictures of all 10 outfits, why not post them all. Would be great to see.
    The two I tried to post were Tintin-cgi lombard-outfit "le sceptre d' ottokar" (new IN BLISTER), and Tintin-cgi lombard-outfit "cigars of pharaoh" (new IN BLISTER), both priced at 154 each ($214).
    I have recently just managed to get an all original Tintin Lombard figure. I already have the SERI set, as pictured in an earlier post. A really nice set to have. Shame they did not go onto make other figures.

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    Very nice, and quite rare. Hence the prices being demanded.

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    I have the Seri set minus calculus, they are awsome except that the shoe colour runs onto the socks.
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    I only have the one Tintin figure from Seri.

    Would love a Haddock to display alongside him.

    LJN Swat/Rookies v2 arms with the bicep swivels.

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