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Thread: Has anyone proposed a new line of 3.75" O-RING figures?

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    Has anyone proposed a new line of 3.75" O-RING figures?

    Would be neat to have a new, retro space opera style 3.75" O-ring figures. Imagine a new set of 70's inspired aliens with the articulation of the Micronaut aliens. In fact, had I the money, time, and resources, I would definitely create a line of these figures that would be inspired by the late 1970s science fiction boom, Starroid Raiders/Micronaut/Star Trek: the Motion Picture style aliens and characters with the 3.75", O-ring format. Wonder if there would be a market for such a thing. I'd try to keep it as close to 1970s retro as I can.

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    That would be really cool but I would be the only one who would by them Methinks. Hell I always thought a "could be played with line" would do really well

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    Yep! I would be in for those. Any aliens or space figures that can fit in with Microman/ Micronauts are figures I will usually pick up.

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    I really liked the ERTL Trek figures because the Joe heads fit on them to make lots of redshirts.


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