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Thread: BBP: KISS 3 3/4" updates?

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    May 14, 2011
    Hmmm...Looking forward to this scale, will wait for the final product to critique. I just would like to see Love Gun or ALIVE II figures where Paul is portrayed in his tailcoat. So far, only Art Asylum did this with their 24" figures. That said...looking forward to different eras in this scale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mego View Post
    Hey Biff Bang Pow and Mego Museum patrons,
    Are the rumors true that you'll be producing an Abner Deveroux figure and the KISS Meets the Phantom rollercoaster battle playset?
    I was just discussing a custom Mego-scale Abner Devereaux figure and KMTP playsets on another board here a while back. I've heard nothing about that as it relates to the 3 3/4" figures but God, I'd love to see something!

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    The hair looks a bit short on a couple figures, but I'm still looking forward to this line. Happy to see the guitars, and hope the packaging is cool!

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    These are $47 a set or $12 each. I wonder if merchants will keep the individual price at $12? I'm sure they will be more like $15 each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MEGOMAN View Post
    These are $47 a set or $12 each. I wonder if merchants will keep the individual price at $12? I'm sure they will be more like $15 each.
    $47 for the set? Yikes! I did a Google search for more information on the BBP Kiss 3-3/4" figures. The BBP Kiss figures are said to have 11 points of articulation. I think that means that they would not have waist, nor hand articulation. Although Gene, Paul and Ace get guitars, Peter only gets a set of drumsticks. The blurbs indicate that a full drum kit can be assembled by cutting up the packaging of all 4 figures (Yipe!) That implies CARDBOARD.

    Geez, that's really too bad. I bought the Smiti Kiss Alive II playset many years ago. I just went to the garage tonight and opened it up and took a good look. It came with a full set of drums (made of plastic), speakers, microphone stands, snake on a stand, stage, etc. The Smiti Kiss figures are kinda adorable- the heads are a really good likeness, and the blocky, Lego-styled bodies are cute, and those have 14 points of articulation. The pricetag for the set was $29.99 in 2002 dollars.

    After punching in the price in the Inflation Calculator, I got this:

    What cost $30 in 2002 would cost $39.15 in 2014.

    Ouch. I dunno about the BBP price point. Seems that you should get more than just 4 figures w/ guitars and drumsticks (and an assemble-it-yourself cardboard drum kit) for your near-$50.

    I guess I'll have to see the figures in-person to decide. Hopefully they'll be closer to 4" rather than 3-3/4". After all, they all wear platform boots.

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    $10-15 seems reasonable enough to me. Three include guitars (good looking and accurate ones at that!) and I personally love the idea of a cardboard drum kit!
    I'm pretty sure these are gonna sell.

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    3 3/4" Star Wars figures are now $12.99, so the price is fair as long as we get quality figures.

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    I got an email from EE today updating the shipping date to August. Originally it was May.

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    Too bad the release date went from May to September! I was bummed to see that happen since it will be next CHRISTMAS 2015 before we see FTC Dynasty or Destroyer figures which are taking FOREVER!!!!! Its been a year since Alive 75 figures came losing hope now with FTC....

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