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Thread: Cast-A-Way body mods/repairs, tips, tricks, chains & whips

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    Cast-A-Way body mods/repairs, tips, tricks, chains & whips

    Post away

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    How To "Fix" Uneven Legs on the Type S Body:

    Quote Originally Posted by mahseer View Post
    I've seen comments about the legs being uneven. I've found that this is simply a matter of the calf peg not being pushed all the way up into the thigh. You may need to push quite hard to get it in there or even apply a little heat. When everything is put together right, nothing should be uneven.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Lee View Post
    ...Mahseer is right...that last little snap of the knee joint is sometimes not all the way accomplished (even though it looks like it is). I have run into this on the Henshin figures. A little heat will make it easier, hair dryer 25-30 secs and voila...

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Mego View Post
    And for me, it wasn't the calf, but the hip connections. All the right legs on mine weren't pushed all the way in.
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    "Fixing" wobbly heads:

    Quote Originally Posted by PNGwynne View Post
    We've discussed adapting all kinds of body parts here, I thought I'd share how I quickly adjust wobbly heads--it works for all sorts of bodies.

    I buy bags of those vinyl pony-tail holders--little flexible circles that come in clear & black. I put one or two of these around the neck post as needed to make the head fit more snugly.

    It's a very cheap, very quick method, which has the advantage of being easily removed or adjusted. Plus, they seem pretty inert--you don't have to worry about tape residue or gumminess.

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