View Poll Results: Select 3 characters for Teen Titans Wave 2 from Figures Toy

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  • Raven

    77 43.50%
  • Starfire

    93 52.54%
  • Beast Boy/Changeling

    94 53.11%
  • Hawk

    35 19.77%
  • Dove

    29 16.38%
  • Bumblebee

    7 3.95%
  • Terra

    13 7.34%
  • Golden Eagle

    11 6.21%
  • Cyborg

    95 53.67%
  • Nightwing 1st costume

    62 35.03%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Teen Titans Wave 2 - Polls are open!

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    Looks like Starfire, Changeling, and Cyborg are the top vote getters. Are these the ones that FTC will be making? Will they be teen size or 8" (since these Titans were a bit older than the originals)?
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    Any word on these or the 7" Robin?

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    The NTT. Beast Boy, Starfire, and Nightwing.

    The 70s Titans (aside from the Fab Five) were awful. The NTT are awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capt_Amego View Post
    they should do a version of Super boy
    Hopefully FTC will do some Legion figures.

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    Now that we got both a new 7" and 8" Robin (same head sculpt to boot! ), I hope FTC will eventually try their hand at 8 Inch version of the 7" original Teen Titan figures. The updated 8" Robin makes me think these could turn out really well.

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    How about the live action Titans characters from the current series? Those could be cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonnieFisher View Post
    How about the live action Titans characters from the current series? Those could be cool!
    Somebody please listen to Lonnie!!!!

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    I voted for Cyborg until I realized when this thread was from. They still haven't done Bumblebee. I'll get the original 70s Titans toys, then purchase Beast Boy from FTC and the rest of the 80s Titans. Of course, Cyborg (as well as Firestorm) is part of the Super Friends too.

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    it would be nice to continue the original Titans. However, there aren't any that really stand out. I suppose you could do Hawk and Dove and Bumblebee. But that would be for a really niche audience.
    New Titans Beast Boy is an absolute must. It would make sense to do Starfire Cyborg and Raven. I would rather see Robin dropped and have all 4 of those. We have a 7-inch Robin available already. If I had to drop one of the four it would be Raven.
    As someone else mentioned, Nightwing should not be on a Teen Titan body. However, cyborg I think would still be fine to do on a Titan body.

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