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Thread: Where do Big Jim collectors congregate?

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    And here I thought Big Jim collectors congregated exclusively at my house... all 2 of us.

    Actually I knew of the Italian love for Big Jim and the boys, but never exclusively sort out a forum or fandom. I look at the Mego Museum as my one size fits all, for all my toy and nerd loving ways.
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    Never had Big Jim as a kid, but I recall a cousin having the early Olympic figures, and some friends having PACK figures. I was always intrigued by Zorak and Dr. Steel. I occasionally search for deals on eBay, but the auctions always end high and the BINS are out of my range.

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    yes, the nicer figure def. go higher than the accessories
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire Marshal Bill View Post
    BTW, if anyone ever comes across a half piece of the karate board in dark brown, i could use it. It's the last piece i need to complete my Kung Foo studio. The lighter brown pieces that came with the figures are fairly common, but i guess the dark brown version only came with the KFS playset. Thanks!
    I have a complete one that I just rec'd with a bunch of other stuff. I'm not sure if I have just the 1/2 xtra piece here or not but I'll look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by megoat View Post
    I'd love to collect Big Jim, but unfortunately I'm only interested in PACK items and the prices for nice complete examples are a bit more than I want to spend.....the cheaper pre PACK stuff is of no interest to me....
    Yeah, the pre PACK stuff doesn't do much for me either (although I had some as a kid) but I love the PACK items, wish I picked some up back when they were cheaper. Some of the later European and Mexican items are awesome too (secret agents, pirates, aliens, bionics, etc!), it's probably inevitable that I'll eventually be dipping my toe into collecting these guys.

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    I've ended up with a lot of pieces from lots, but I resell most of it.

    The PACK stuff is nice mainly because of Kirby's influence, but if I had the space and money, I would have most of the Spy line. That stuff is incredible.

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    I love the line but don't know enough about it. I'm sure I have Big Jim pieces i my parts box but couldn't tell you who/what they belong to.
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    I was babysitting last night and Cory (age 6), and I were playing w/ my Big Jim guys, the Sports Camper, gear and assorted animals attacking the camp. It was too funny, when I opened the carrying case I keep my Big Jim gear in, he exclaimed "Holy Crackanoli!" I don't have any PACK stuff, mostly camping stuff, and a few random sports pieces I got from a surprise grab bag at a toy show. I do have Warpath (renamed Blackhawk), and The Whip, (renamed Big John), Dr. Steel, (w/ a plain hand, 'cos his silver one broke), along w/ 2 Big Jims, Big Jack, Big Josh and 2 Big Jeffs (one missing a foot), and a camping tent.
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    I still have the Big Jim from my childhhood but one hand is broken off. Had the Airplane playset and the Laservette. I think that was it's name. You pushed a button on the dash and two panels in the hood flipped over exposing two lasers. I never got tired of of that feature. Had some sports pieces too.
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    i still have my blue commander but his leg broke off and has been retaped to his body. i played the heck out of him!

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