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Thread: Strange sounds in the sky.

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    Huh? Strange sounds in the sky.

    I think I'm going to go all out on this. Something really out of the ordinary is happening.

    Two years ago I was out for a late evening walk when about two or three blocks from home I heard a really, REALLY peculiar sound coming from the sky. It didn't sound like an airplane, traffic, or anything else I can think of. The sound completely encompassed the whole sky. The weather was calm and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It came from every direction. Whatever direction I walked, the sound was just the same, it didn't trail off. After about 10 minutes after listening to this, I got second thought about talking finishing my walk and headed back home. I swear, it was the closet thing I've ever encountered that could be considered paranormal.

    Nonetheless, after a few weeks, I completely forgot about the incident. I figured there was some logical explanation behind the sound. Until later in the year I was up late listening to AM radio, and on this show Coast to Coast AM, they were talking about all these reports of strange sounds from the sky. They mentioned videos of the phenomenon that have been posted on You Tube. Sure enough, these videos of the sound, while not quite identical, are very much like what I heard back in the spring of 2011.

    I've been following this strange phenomenon. It's very real, and very unusual. You need to hear it first hand and not over the internet to truly experience this event. People have described the sounds as trumpets, or horns, roaring of jet engines, roaring of wind (when there is no wind), whirring, clanging of cymbals or of gongs, some sounds go beyond description. Some sounds sound like something from a horror movie.

    There are many videos of this strangeness, many recorded on people's smart phones. Granted, there are some faked videos. But the videos that are hoaxes are from skeptics trying like hell to debunk the legitimate videos.

    People have claim the sounds are Apocalyptic, or from UFOs. Some say the sounds are from HAARP. Some people say the sounds have something to with do with the shifting of the magnetic poles. All I can say is that what I heard sounded pretty damn ominous. Check some of these videos:

    There are many, many other videos out there, from all corners of the globe: England, Spain, Ukraine, New Zealand, Brazil, Denver, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Michigan, etc. etc. etc.

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    Coast to Coast was better when Art Bell was there, but still a good program. There is a ton of unexplained things going on, most people have learned to over look them, while others go in search of them.

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    That is crazy. I honestly feel something life-altering is going to happen to our planet in the next few years. Whether it's extraterrestrial in nature is questionable. However, check this video out. Even skeptics will get a little bit of a chill from the Jerusalem footage. We haven't even discovered or figured out all life on this planet, so there are forces of the universe that are currently beyond our capability to understand.

    I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she dumped me before we met.

    If anyone here believes in psychokinesis, please raise my hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayne foundation 07 View Post
    Coast to Coast was better when Art Bell was there, but still a good program. There is a ton of unexplained things going on, most people have learned to over look them, while others go in search of them.
    Totally agree. George Noory is decent but talks about way too much fluffy stuff and not as much hard core paranormal, UFO, Bigfoot, etc.


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    Listened to Art Bell around the time of the Phoenix Lights happened to up until Noory took over. Art asked probing questions and wasn't afraid to challenge his guests. Plus it was better when did his show from his home in Nevada and had no call screener. Anything could happen on his show, there was no script. He had some pretty interesting guests. The programming on Noory's show isn't quite as good.

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    It was a farting parachuting Bigfoot.

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