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Thread: World's Greatest Super Knights repro question

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_cyclops View Post
    I'm only 13 years old, I don't know who "Ron Jeremy"
    Hold on a moment, I'll go ask my mom if she knows...She didn't answer me. She's on the phone with CPS right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by megoknight View Post
    But you can make an Awesome Ron Jeremy to hang out with Brick from the Black Knight
    My wife says that the Black Knight head looks like me. I'm gonna make a Dr. Cyclops Mego! All I got to do is take this exacto knife and cut this eyeball out...There, done! Look at that. Sweet. Wait...That was the wrong eye! Stupid mirror, you made me look wrong. That's it, I give up.LOL

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    Married at 13? And I thought I lived in the deep south.

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    sorry, I'm willing to buy the whole lot at an advantageous price. I just want to know from you what kind of body they have ...

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    Welcome aboard, bluesangel. This is a really old thread. I think the deal is long gone.

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