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Thread: Meanies Mego Meet 2012...

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    Meanies Mego Meet 2012...

    I want to start this off by saying that Chuck (megocrazy) has said it best and there's really not much more I can add to what he said here:

    Another one in the books. - Mego Talk

    The drive down was a lot easier then it has been in the last few years. We breezed through Brooklyn (Belt Parkway) over the Verazano and through Staten Island like a hot knife through butter. Which shocked everyone in the van. After we got down to Wheeling the rest of the weekend went way to fast. Next thing we knew it was Sunday. It's great seeing all the's like seeing family you haven't seen in a while. That's what I consider everyone at the Meet my extended family.

    There are so many people I want to thank and acknowledge...hopefully I don't miss anyone...but I know I will:

    First off I want to thank everyone that LITERALLY met me at the minivan to help me bring in my stuff. I've never felt so loved

    I usually don't thank him until near the end of my Mego Meet I'm going to do it at the top this year. My Big Bro know I can't do this show without you. You constantly push me to get things done and to get them done right. This year we were actually ready on time. Thanks and you know I love you.

    Chuck (megocrazy)...thanks for making things fun and funny as usual. I don't think this meet would be as fun without you. Take care of yourself man. Anything you need, just give me a holler. BTW, Baltimore is in September Just sayin'

    Jim (megojim)...It was great seeing you back on the Mego Horse so to speak. Always great seeing what you come up with every year Jim. Great rack toys you came up with. Haven't started the diet/new way of eating...but I did and do take what you told me very seriously. Now if I only was as athletic as you...Stay strong and we'll see you again next year.

    Derek (Flynne)...It's so great to see you making a real go of it at your store. Hopefully I can get to actually liking what I do for a living like you do. What you have is what a lot of people strive to have in whatever they choose to do...passion. Remember, New York is always open whenever you decide you want to come back to the Big Apple for a visit...You're also my good luck charm when it comes to MAJOR mego scores

    Brian (palitoy)...I mentioned the passion that Derek has for what he does. What you have goes beyond that. To make this trip every year shows dedication to this hobby. For that we should all thank you for what you do and have done. Thanks...and thanks for bringing those discs with you. I have been playing it non stop for the last week.

    Chad (noelani), James (Evel Kmego), Bryan (Boss), Mike (batmanmc), and Mike (VintageMike) It's always great seeing you guys. Chad, James and are really making it a great "family thing" which is what this is all about. Your kids having a blast was enough for me to see that you guys get it. You're giving your kids what you had...and hopefully they will do the same when they have kids. To both Mikes....I really have to start coming up with some new stuff for you guys You always know I'm looking out for you guys. Hit me up with any lists and if I find some hidden gems I'll send them your way. It's the least I can do. Same goes for Bronxboykev...anything you need message me. If I can steer any of you in the right direction for a hidden gem or good deal I will do my best.

    Last but not ALL that attended the meet....We can't do this thing without you. So from the bottom of my heart...Thanks for being there at the Meet. You are the reason why this thing is on it's 8th year.
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    berto you and tom are the best aprts of mm for me. the best way i could describe megomeet after thinking long and hard is its like a family reunion with family you would actually pick if you coud pick family.

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    Berto' you're the best. I really appreciate your friendship and encouragement. Lmk when you guys are coming to see the Cowboys, my place is your place! Tom is the best, I wish my brother and I were that close. Til next year, maybe sooner . . .
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    I always have a blast setting up across from you, Tom and Ron. Best Real Estate in the whole building folks. Still not sure how I got out of there with out buying that Type 1 Wolfman. it's a sickness I tell you.

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    Right on. Always great to see you and Tom. Checking out your table is always one of the highlights of the "official" meet. Chatting with you guys is one of the highlights of the overall weekend. As an all around "vintage" guy you've always got some funny bit from the past that I get kick out of. This year it was the classic Carvel Ice Cream commercials that as we discovered only us east coast folk got the pleasure of.

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    Love ya man. And bring that KK next year and I'll pick it up.
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    Glad to hear the trip went easy. Always the best seeing you guys. We'll see if we can get together in Baltimore this year.
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    I love how these stories all reflect each other...
    It's a testament to how much this group sticks together and works together.
    Berto and Tom - it's always a pleasure and I've said it before, I say it again - we're all extended family.
    It's great having Sean to do this stuff with me. I've come across only one other guy locally who expressed interest in megos...but he's dropped off the boards after a few posts and I haven't talked to him in a good long while.
    At home, we are at the stage where we need a work space. I have two garages - one attached and one detached. THe attached garage is looking like it will receive a makeover and receive heating/cooling to keep us going.
    For a 17yr old guy, Sean's room is starting to look like a comic book store. I had no choice but to hang my carded figs on his wall while he was growing up. Now, he has his figures too...his own collection..he just hung a dozen or more up last night. Pretty soon, he'll be out of wall space. It's funny how when he has friends over..or even girls over...and they see this stuff. I would think they'd tease him, but they think it is pretty cool. Especially when they can see how we make this stuff and folks like the Doc actually use factories in China.

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    It's always great to see you and your bro. My first memory of my first megomeet in 2009 was you guys asking me how Jack was doing. I really wanted to make sure you got to meet him and Oscar this year.
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    Stop it Berto, you're gonna make me tear up
    Just kidding, but seriously, you and Tom are the best. Class acts all the way. I gotta send ya the pic with you guys and my son.

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