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Thread: Super 8 pricing trend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flynne View Post
    I moved to the Hampton Inn this year, which is three miles up the road, about 25%more expensive, and about 6000% upscale from the Super 8.
    Not sure if that was the one I stayed at in 08. If it is? Yeah a much better place. The rooms had there own Microwave. This came in handy back then, I showed up early. I know my card showed "Comfort inn" which Hamton Inn is related to. Also, They were close to a major shopping center (And Cabella's). So loading up supplies was easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EMCE Hammer View Post
    We're looking at alternatives for next year and beyond. Once we do a first pass we'll put it out for discussion, probably shortly after the July 4 holiday week. At the very least I hope we can find a way for the Wheeling experience next year to have a paint job and a new set of tires.
    really appreciate you guys putting in all this legwork for us Mego folk.

    At this point, I don't think anyone other than me really walks back and forth between the hotel and Museum do they? Most drive? If so, any hotel within driving distance is probably worth the move.

    Perhaps a place with a better free breakfast facility? It's great eating and chatting with folks in the morning, it would just be even better with nicer food.

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