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Thread: Glow in the dark toys......

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    May 2, 2011
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    Here's another fave.....

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    Jan 25, 2012
    ---^ That is a neat toy! I'm really loving Scarglow too, and that Ghost of Captain Kidd is INSANE.

    Quote Originally Posted by nazgul View Post
    Are you hitting it with a blacklight before taking the shot, or just letting the regular lights charge it?
    Sure do have a blacklight, soak them before. Figured out the problem! I just had to go even more manual and change the shutter speeds. presto fixo!

    Woo hoo this is fun! Here's a pile I could easily get my hands on:

    And when taking pics of those, I noticed little bits glowing in the background. Turns out all my Legends of the Dragons gashapon have glowing pieces!! I never knew! bonus.
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    I'm really enjoying this thread so here are few pics: I couldn't get the GID ones to turn out.
    Marx Mummy and Creature from the Black Lagoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1966BatmanFan View Post
    and maybe someone can help w/ this one. The spiders and web are from a glue model kit, they are glow in the dark, small, the web is about 1", been in the corner of my old bedroom ceiling at parents house for more years than I care to remember! Anyone know from what model kit these may have come from?

    Those are from the Aurora Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde model kit.

    Keepin' it Mego-ey !

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    I actually don't remember having that kit in the '60, and a search shows the web/spider (one) were not glow in the dark on the glow in the dark version of Jekyll/Hyde. thanks for the input, the search continues...

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    When I think of "Glow in the Dark", I automatically go back to one product line and one product line only... Aurora monster kits. They were classic.

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