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Thread: Ri comiccon recap

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    Jun 22, 2004
    rhode island

    Ri comiccon recap

    first off i would like to thank chuck(megocrazy) for getting our tickets. it was the second best toy show i have been to in years . only megomeet was better. every star was really nice. the battlestar gallactica guys were cool. my favorite was lee merriwether(of course) , there were lots of cool things for sale . a lot more people then i expected. i dressed in my batman costume and took pictures with other attendees (another thing i must thank chuck for ,he took the pictures with his phone). had a great time talking with atendees and guests and vendors. my favorite parts were in this order hanging out with my brother ric and his friednjoe and chuck, the picture and autograph of lee merriwether and the pictures with other people in costume. i will be definitly attending next year.

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    Feb 18, 2007
    It was a great time. Most of the locals in this area have been dying for a show that was worth attending and a long time friend ended up pulling it off. Was really amazed at the turnout and the fact that people were actually spending money. Most of the local dealers were really weary of committing the time because frankly the shows in the northeast have been horrible in recent years. Not one of the retail vendors told me a bad story. Every one said they exceeded what they expected for sales for the weekend on just today. The date has already been set for next year and I'm actually looking forward to it.

    I've already cleared the way for a show level Mego Meet of sorts if we can arrange it, and I'm hoping to be able to secure a number of the members here that sell retail to attend. He's already looking to improve on the auto guests which were already pretty impressive for a first time show. See the website for reference. Hasbro which is local to this area has said they may be interested in getting behind him if the numbers work and they seem to look pretty good. They are currently building a multi level building directly across the street from the Center and brought Transformers Bot-Con to this very venue when the Transformers Movie was released a couple of years ago. That would be a nifty side by side tie-in with this and would be sure to draw a large crowd if it could be pulled off. I'm really kind of pumped. It's been a long time since we've had a major show that was worth the money you spend to get in. There wasn't really a lot of vintage but most of the dealers I know personally were afraid to take the plunge and I'm pretty sure they'll be doing the show next year.

    The $25 entry fee seemed high to me, but at 3:00PM there was still a line 20 deep at the box office buying tickets to get in for the last 4 hours. The full weekend was $35 and I believe next year will include a Friday night retail session. The 2 panels sessions I wanted to attend both filled solid. BSG and Buffy the Vamp. Slayer. While bummed I didn't get in it was cool the attendees were interested in the discussions. I truly left the house this morning, only to support my friend, who put his heart and soul into this, and to spend some time with some Mego buddies. I came home pleased to have gone and looking forward to next year, and participating in some of the arrangement. In the past several years, like Mike, the Meet has been the one show that has done that for me. This will pretty much split the 12 month Meet to Meet time span in half. Hopefully we can get some Mego members here and make it a get together as well.
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    Sounds good. I may have to check this out next yr.

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    Dec 16, 2004
    . This year I initially had something planned Saturday but even when that fell through, the gas situation in this part of NJ makes a trip of that length too risky. I'm already worried about keeping enough gas in the tank to get back and forth from work, even though I have 3/4 of a tank right now. Sounds like a good time has had and I will definitely plan on going next year.

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