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Thread: MegoMeet Exclusive - Thank You and Goodnight!

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    It was a privilage to be asked. And looking back it was a blast to work on them all. Although if you had asked on the 30 something-ish suit of any particular character I would have had a different answer.
    Better late than never.....

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    not sure if these had been posted yet - experimenting with my new light tent:

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    I know how much effort was put into this figure. When Chris asked me advice on it over two years ago, I actually sat and drew out a rough game plan and was amazed at what it was going to require. Have to say I wondered if he'd pull it off at first. I knew the effort would be there, but there was just so much that is difficult to obtain through the routes that were available. The chest and actually assembling the torso being the hardest part. There's so much tension on those elastics holding the body together. Gotta say you pulled it off and the figure looks great. You certainly did go out with a bang and truly set the bar high for upcoming figures.
    It's not a doll it's an action figure.

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    Thanks Chris for all your hard volunteer work.

    I speak for Mego fans all around the world.

    Good luck in your future.

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