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Thread: Vintage WANTED Thread

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    Apr 23, 2006
    Ridgeway, Ontario
    My overall want list is still huge (I collect too many different toy lines!) but here's some pesky things I'm trying to track down:


    -Mego/Bullmark vinyl King Kong, mint in package (pictured in Bonavita's Mego book. Not the one with the car, the other one. Really want!)
    -loose, mint & complete Ming the Merciless
    -loose T1 pink lipped Klingon


    -loose, NM complete and all original 12" Ensueno Batman
    -Mattel 9" Space 1999 Zython

    (yeah sure, these two will be easy to find!)

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    Jan 17, 2011
    Long Island, NY


    Fembot - outfit
    Maskatron - left human arm, major fred mask, outfit


    John Blackstar - all accessories


    Deputy Fuzz - rope, kerium crystal, blue thing, blue piece for wagon
    Marshall Bravestarr - kerium crystals
    Tex hex - rifle, kerium crystals


    Doc Terror - black claws


    Cyborg - arms, accessories

    GI JOE (pre-'82)

    Action Sailor - pants, boots
    Dog Tags (60s and AT)
    Left Foot (baby feet)

    Also interested in just about anything else (clothing, accessories, body parts, etc.)

    GI JOE ('82-'89)

    Figure Weapons & Accessories

    1982 Rock 'n Roll v1 - bipod
    1983 Destro v1 - pistol
    1984 Storm Shadow v1 - bow
    1985 Barbecue v1 - pistol
    1985 Dusty v1 - bipod
    1985 Eels v1 - airmask
    1985 Sgt.Slaughter v1 - baton
    1985 Snow Serpent v1 - snow shoe x2
    1985 Quick Kick v1 - nunchuk
    1986 Fridge, The - flail
    1986 Sgt.Slaughter v2 - baton
    1987 Backstop v1 - pistol
    1987 Big Boa v1 - mouthpiece
    1987 Crazylegs v1 - rifle, stock
    1987 Croc Master v1 - mouthpiece
    1987 Falcon v1 - antenna, knife
    1987 Jinx v1 - sword x2
    1987 Zanzibar v1 - spear
    1987 Psyche-Out v1 - radar dish
    1987 Raptor - falcon
    1988 Destro v2 - sword

    Vehicle/Playset Parts

    1982 VAMP - upper chassis, steering wheel
    1983 FANG - roll bar
    1983 Headquarters Command Center - machine gun, surveillance camera
    1983 JUMP - power cord
    1983 PAC/RAT Flame Thrower - remote control
    1983 PAC/RAT Machine Gun - remote control
    1983 PAC/RAT Flame Thrower - remote control
    1983 Polar Battle Bear - skis, roll bar, rocket
    1983 Skystriker - seat x2, tail fin, forward missile x2, outboard missile, parachute
    1983 Snake Armor - stand
    1984 ASP - shaft, shield
    1984 Rattler - cockpit windshield
    1984 Sky Hawk - skid frame, side panel x2, tail fin, rocket x2
    1984 Water Moccasin - hull, fan, fan shaft, vane x2, link bar, roof cover, storage cover, surface torpedo bottom, surface torpedo top
    1985 - Moray (Hydrofoil) - missile box (top & bottom), missile x3, search light, left hatch cover, side missile x1, depth charge x2, depth charge cap x2, depth charge tray x2, engine cover, torpedos, right cannon
    1985 Night Landing - motor top, motor handle, motor bottom, propeller, oar, bow gun, machine gun, knife, radio, shovel
    1985 Snow Cat - engine cover, windshield wiper, small missile x2, torpedo x1, torpedo ski x2
    1985 - Tactical Battle Platform - long ladder, radar dish, rocket platform door, rifles, windshield
    1985 Toss 'N Cross - cannon x1, bridge
    1986 Firebat - Missle x1, bomb x3, belly gun x2
    1986 - Night Raven - front strut cover
    1986 - Terror Drome - left gun door (unbroken), seat platform x2, gun door seat x1, large gun capx3, small door gun, small door gun barrel x2
    1987 Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball - hull top, antenna
    1987 - Maggot - radar dish
    1988 Adder - missile x2, missile rack, piston arm
    1988 BUGG - rear gun, torpedo, forked tounge missile,rudder, Sector-Viper
    1988 - Phantom X-19 - left wing, left rudder, right rudder, glide bomb, glide bomb wing, missile
    1988 RPV - hose
    1988 Stellar Stiletto - hose, tail fin, small missile x2, large missile
    1989 Night Raider - engine cover


    Blade - sword x2
    Dragstor - ripcord
    Fright Zone - clip x2
    Orko - magic trick parts
    Snake Mountain - ladder
    Trap-Jaw/Tri-Klops - glow ring


    12" figure leg pin (for Kiss)
    Aquaman - outfit (for type 1)
    Batgirl - everything except figure
    Batman - cowl (must be original), glove
    Captain America - head
    Catwoman - outfit
    Dracula - shoes
    Hulk - leg pin
    Kiss - Ace arm band
    Wonder Woman - 8" outfit


    Disk of Doom Skeletor - all accessories
    Optikk - gun
    Slush Head - all accessories


    Bow - all accessories minus cape and quiver
    Double Trouble - all accessories
    Scratchin' Sound Catra - all accessories
    Starburst She-Ra - shield, sword, tiara

    STAR WARS ('77 - '84)

    12" Darth Vader - lightsaber
    AT-ST Driver/B-Wing Pilot - blaster x2
    Biker Scout - blaster
    Cloud Car Pilot - blaster
    Darth Vader's Star Destroyer - various parts
    Imperial Attack Base - command post, roof panel, "s" lever, monitor x2
    Imperial Cruiser - compartment cover, radar dish
    Imperial Gunner - blaster
    Imperial Shuttle - front gun, ramp
    Klattu - staff
    Lando Calrissian (General Pilot) - cape, blaster
    Luke Skywalker (farmboy) - minty complete figure
    Millennium Falcon - ramp, false door, training ball & arm
    Patrol Dewback - 100% complete
    Slave I - cargo ramp
    Snowspeeder - battery cover, canopy
    Squid Head - skirt
    Tauntaun - harness, saddle
    Tatooine Skiff - fin
    Warok - bow
    Zuckuss - rifle


    Green Arrow - arrows, bow
    Hawkman - mace
    The Penguin - umbrella


    Captain Shiner - gun
    Jaga - helmet, sword
    Thundertank - tracks


    1984 Hound - rifle, missile x2, gas can, spare tire
    1984 Laserbreak - left cannon, right cannon
    1984 Mirage - missile
    1984 Optimus Prime - hose
    1984 Overdrive - rifle, blaster
    1984 Starscream - right fist, left fist, missile, machine gun
    1984 Wheeljack - left spoiler
    1985 Barrage - rifle, sword
    1985 Blitzwing - missile
    1985 Dirge - landing gear, missile
    1985 Perceptor - missile, chest part
    1985 Shockwave - right arm
    1985 Slag - sword
    1985 Sludge - rifle, missile x2
    1985 Smokescreen - right missile launcher
    1985 Twin Twist - rifle
    1986 Blurr - rifle
    1986 Breakdown - gun, blaster, connector
    1986 Dead End - gun, connector
    1986 Divebomb - gun, sword, predaking left fist
    1986 Dragstrip - gun, blaster, connector
    1986 Groove - gun, right vaporator, left vaporator
    1986 Outback - gun
    1986 Razorclaw - sword, predaking head, blaster
    1986 Streetwise - pistol, cannon, connector
    1986 Wildrider - gun, blaster
    1987 Blot - gun, laser mount
    1987 Cloudraker & Fastlane - white gun x2, red gun x2, spoiler
    1987 Flywheels - gun
    1987 Grotusque - rifle
    1987 Highbrow - headmaster gort
    1987 Sinnertwin - launcher, rifle

    VOLTRON (Matchbox)

    Voltron - black lion

    VOLTRON (Panosh Place)

    Princess Allura - key
    Robeast Mutilator - weapon
    Skull Scavenger - shield
    Zarkon Zapper - disc
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    Connecticut, USA

    Vintage Wants on My List

    First of all, may I just say this is a great idea!!!

    This is what I'm currently loking for as far as Vintage:

    MIB WGSH - original only please


    MOC WGSH - original only please

    Green Goblin
    Wonder Woman

    okay, now that you have stopped laughing...please read on

    Mego Ledys

    loose robin, green arrow, falcon, ironman, catwoman, supergirl

    Non-Mego Vintage Wanted

    AHI - MOC

    Female Creature

    Lincoln International

    MOC Wolfman, MOC Mummy


    Many MOC Megos and MIB (once I get my collection returned to me...should be Jan. or Feb. 2013)
    Loose Don - all original
    some loose incomplete figures
    Many vintage 1960's gi joes - including some rare items

    Thanks for looking
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    Oct 8, 2007
    Behind the couch, in the members lounge.
    Vintage Mego Want List

    A: MOC/MIB Lizard
    B: MOC/MIB Removable Cowl Bats
    C. MOC/MIB Removable Mask Robin

    Vintage Other Want List

    A: Stretch Monster Complete
    B: Shogun Warrior 24" Any of the original USA Releases
    C. Complete SW Death Star/Millennium Falcon/Vader's Tie Fighter/X-Wing - Any or all, 4 way tie- Can't choose.
    "Steel-like jaws clacked away, each bite slashing flesh from my body - I used my knife and my hands, and when they were gone, my bloody stumps - and yet the turtles came."

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    Wanted: Comic Action Heroes


    Loose Comic Action Heroes

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    I have to qualify this by saying my ability to buy is on hold until August, but if anyone want to work something out until then..

    Vintage Mego want list: No reseals/opened cards on the MOC list as I have limited space and none of these items are rare enough to warrant it.

    1979 carded Batman-American only
    1979 carded Captain America
    1976 carded Superman
    Batgirl boxed
    Lizard boxed
    Isis complete loose or boxed

    Original Star Wars 12 back store display header. Looking for the header only.

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    Jan 22, 2008
    Vintage want list:
    Action Robot aka Maskatron Bootleg/Knock-Off
    Tomlands (will edit specific figs later)
    Ideal Zogg /Electroman enemy
    Super Joe The Sheild
    Bionic Hobre (Mexican Big Jim)
    Invisible Hombre (Mexican big Jim)
    Zargon the Space Knight

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    Jul 3, 2009
    My vintage wants:

    Original loose figures only please

    2)SS Supergirl
    4)SS Catwoman flesh outfit
    6)AE Clark shirt with tie and jacket
    7)AE Bruce Wayne head and shirt
    8)AE Dick Grayson head
    9)Batman with original emblem
    11)large S Superman
    12)Robin Hood,knife,belt,and hat
    13)Little John,knife,belt,hat,and staff
    14)Zorro,cape,shirt,sword,and hat

    Non Mego

    1)Billy Blast Off Figures,Pilot,Fireman,Construction worker,Artic set,Robbie the Robot
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    A. type 2 LEFT arm (hand not needed)

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    Mar 29, 2005
    Dark side of the Moon
    RC batman belt, gloves, skinny boots

    For now...
    "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

    In the Southeast Pacific, lies the sunken city of R'Leyh. There lies C'thulhu waits to return to our world with the other Great Old Ones. A hideous creature of enormous size and alien power, it waits for it's time to return patiently. For it has all the time in the world while it waits for the stars.

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