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Thread: Welcome to the Mego Museum forums!

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    Jun 3, 2007
    Charleston West Virginia

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    Dec 16, 2004
    Hi all, I'm Mike. My love of Mego ties into the "Vintage" part of my moniker. Mego is part of what I call the "vintage" era I love so much from 70's
    to mid-eighties. Comics, toys, video games all the fun stuff from that time is like gold to me now. I lurked for many years before coming out of the shadows. While other committments have caught up with me and I can't spend the time here I'd like I will be another to say this is indeed the best forum on the 'net. Great bunch of people that really make you feel at home.
    If you are able I highly recommend attending MegoMeet. You'll not only see more Mego in person that you've seen in a long time, but meet many of the great people here as well.

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    My name is Shane and I live in New Orleans. I've been a member of the Mego Museum for a long time and have watched it morph into what it is today. I'm a kid of the 70's & 80's, so I am lucky enough to remember picking out Mego action figures at different stores and playing with them in my yard. I have lots of Mego figures in my collection which mostly focuses on WGSH & POTA.

    I think the very first friend I made on the internet was through the Mego Museum and I still consider him a friend today. That guy would be the long time "spirit" of the Mego Museum, Type1Kirk.

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    I’ve been a Mego Collector since the type 1 Star Trek figures hit the pegs.

    My next door neighbor had the Planet of the Apes Megos, I had Star Trek. Every Saturday (after their respective animated series) we would play Star Trek Had A Transporter Accident and Ended Up on the Planet of the Apes. Good Times. We beat the hell out of those figures. I got a second set to keep in good condition (type 2 by this time) along with some Aliens. We ended up beating these to Hell as well. All that remains from my youth is the cardboard Enterprise playset with the Captain’s Chair, and my original naked beat-to-hell Gorn (oh, and a very beat up Spider-Man and Hulk with a scotch-taped together leg.)

    Now to 1986. Inside the Star Trek IV the Voyage Home Souvenir magazine was an add for the classic six (type 2) Star Trek figures from Mego. $125 later, I had my Megos again ! ! ! ! (This is from the now (in)famous Canadian Warehouse “find”)

    When we entered the new century, we entered the Renaissance Period (i.e. eBay and Reproductions). It was a great time to be a MegoHead™
    In 2002, I was desperately trying to get the 1966 version of the Bat-logo printed onto sticker paper for the Reproduction RC Batman I was making, so I found this Forum, registered, posted a request for help, and in under three hours had several jpegs in my inbox to choose from.

    Time passed, and I guess I got deregistered.

    The EMCE Star Trek and Planet of the Apes announcements brought me back; I re-registered and now I come here everyday.

    Between CTVT, EMCE/Doc Mego, and eBay, I will be spending tons of money in 2008.
    I suppose I am going to need some DIDAs to put them all in…..

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    Hey there. My name is Bryan and I've been obsessed with toys for my entire life! I'm 33 years old and I have a 4 year old boy who gives me a good excuse to spend lots of time playing with my toys again. I remember Megos, Big Jim and 6 Million Dollar Man the most from my childhood, along with Star Wars and GI Joe of course. I have now rediscovered my passion for toys and am now trying to collect all the things that I didn't get to own as a kid, and also re-collect the ones that didn't survive the test of time and those wild pretend games. I was an obsessive comic book/baseball card kid after I grew up a bit, and now I thank the MegoMuseum for unleashing my mad obsessive collecting funbrain onto Megos.

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    Hi, I'm Bill. Long time listener, first time caller. Well, actually I've been posting here for a few years now. I'm a big fan of almost anything 70's superhero, Mego being the prime focus of that admiration.

    I came here to learn about Megos (and have learned sooooo much), but I keep coming back for the amazingly cool people.
    WANTED - Solid-Boxed WGSH's, C.8 or better.

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    My name's Andrea, and I had a bunch of the DC megos back in the early 80s when I was a kid. I still have most of those megos, abeit chewed on.I found this site after buying a Doctor Who head on eBay...and realising the poor guy needed clothes. I love customizing toys, I started with models and garage kits, moved to BJDs, currently I'm doing more with Pinky St. figures, as it's less scary to mess up on a $6 Pinky than a $600 doll. Now I'm really seeing a good future with megos. A little more than Pinkys, but they pose and the costumes are more flexible.

    (And I'm hooked once I figured out there were vintage Doctor Who megos. I'm sold!)

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    Brave New World

    Greetings, my name is Andrew. I've been collecting action figures, mostly Star Wars, wrestling and assorted super heroes, for about 15 years now. Fond memories of Megos from my childhood have brought me here. My Mego collection consists of mostly Star Trek figures(8'). I have four carded and a few loose plus the 'bridge' playset. I'm working on getting some POTA Megos as well. A friend who posts here(not sure of his username) gave me a couple of Mego Museum trading cards and I couldn't resist signing up. This place is like a trip down memory lane for me(child of the 70's and all).

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    Welcome aboard Ladyrixx and haggis
    "...The agony of my soul found vent in one loud, long and final scream of despair..." - Edgar Allan Poe

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    Dec 16, 2007
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    Hi, my name is Pat, and I've been collecting stuff since Wacky Packages back in 1973. Wackys led to other non-sports cards, and that aspect of my collecting has never stopped.

    My first action figure was the Six Million Dollar Man. In 1976 I discovered Star Trek, and I was hooked. I bought the Mego figures whenever I could - opened several of them, but was also enough of a collector even then that I kept the carefully opened packages, and bought a few extras to keep nice.

    I loved Megos, and the sci-fi titles especially, got some Buck Rogers, the GAH Bug set, bridges and command centers, electronic toys, whatever I could. Some I opened, most I put away due to lack of display space. I also went for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and MASH. Got into Batman around the time Dark Knight came out, then got started on comics, and comics figures and trading cards.

    Got the Galoob Trek figures and toys, then Playmates. I particularly liked the 9" figures because they reminded me of Megos.

    I've pretty much stopped buying new figures, the whole chase and limited edition thing just ruined the fun for me. Even with trading cards now, you can't "collect them all", with those I just get base sets nowadays. But, the Star Trek Mego reproduction figures caught my attention recently, finally I can have the aliens! And now I'm feeling the action figure fever starting up again. Still, the way I found this great forum was from an article in Non-Sport Update, talking about the Mego Museum trading cards. I hope to be lucky enough to break into that soon. They are the perfect combination of my two favorite hobbies!
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