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Thread: Did you ever have a kind of supernatural moment ?

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    Aug 9, 2001
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    Did you ever have a kind of supernatural moment ?

    Was just thinking,

    Last year when I had my big heart attack throughout the whole ordeal I kept smelling Vitalis (old time mens hair tonic) ... I smelled it at home and in the hospital.

    My brother used to always use Vitalis and he died in 1998.

    Since then (and even before then) I never knew anybody that used that crap (besides my brother)

    So where the heck did that smell come from ?

    WEIRD !!!!!!!!!! ---- but true

    Got a weird supernatual moment story to tell ?
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    Not all that wander are lost
    man thats kinda spooky, nothing like that to me.A friend at work lives in an old funeral home. I know he's said at different times their shoes they leave at the door are faceing out like your leaving.When he remembers them facing into the house .Think about it you walk into the front door and kick off your shoes, which way would they be facing ? Into the house.
    Now thats WEIRD!

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    Back in the Late 70's my next door and I were playing in his apartment his parents had gone out and since we lived right next door to we stayed in his house while his two sisters were next door with my sister and my parents.

    He had a long hall way so we were playing with his Evel Knievel stunt set. we were seeing how long he could ride down the hallway....we were trying to get the bike to go all the way to the door to his room which was at the end. after a few tries it finally hit his door which jarred the door open and then we both saw an apparition of a human head look out from the was transparent and it looked at us and then went back into the room......we both turned absolutely pale white and had goose bumps. We ran out of the house into my parents house screaming.

    My Mom and Dad went over my Dad with Bat in Hand thinking that someone was in the Apartment but when they went to check no one was there. we lived on the 8th floor and there was no back door to the apartment. My Dad thought we were joking at first but when I swore to him that I was telling the truth he believed me.

    We were both shaken my friend refused to sleep in his room and from what I knew over the years strange things happened there...while we never once had any incidents in our apartment. To this day I have never forgotten what I saw nor has he and we both agreed that we did see a Ghost
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    I don't believe in the "supernatural" - only unexplained phenomena.

    However... in the mid 90s I lived in an old art deco two bedroom apartment. The second bedroom was completely empty - no bed, nothing. The door was kept closed and there was never any reason to go in there.

    I sometimes found the light switched on in that bedroom. I'd lock up at night - the whole apartment pitch black, but in the morning I'd see light shining from under the spare bedroom's door. The light switch was physically flipped too - this wasn't some short circuit. This happened about eight times over two years.


    In the late 80s I regularly found myself on late shift, being the last person in an 1880s-built operating theatre suite in a children's hospital. Last person out had to turn off the lights - the switches being at the far end of the suite, so you'd have to walk in the dark back through the theatres.

    I used to flip those switches and run out of there. I don't believe in ghosts but, man, operating theatres are spooky when you're alone in the dark. Particularly when kids had died that day.
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    Jan 26, 2009
    I love ghost stories.... Before the company i work for relocated,we were located in a part of a HUGE plant. International Harvester began tractor production at this plant in 1926 to 1984, when IH stopped tractor production at that plant.After the plant closing,sections of this building were leased to 'smaller' companies.I worked in that building from 2000 til 2007 when it was finally torn down. I did alot of exploring of the delapidated/unleaseable parts of that building in those years.One day i went up a set of old cast iron spiral stairs and came into a room with two walk-in safes on both ends of it.I had been up there before and it was obvious that at one point someone else had been up there too.Apparently someone had thought that one of those safes might still have something of value in it and had sledgehammered through the triple thick brick walls of one of the safes.I'm sure that whoevers brilliant plan this was,saw exactly what i did when i looked through the hole in the wall,a room lined with shelves that were completely empty.I walked through the 'safe' room and into an through a small office area and into a long dark corridor with light at the end of it.When i reached the end of the hallway,i ended up in a giant lockerroom,with rows of lockers on the right side.I could see a light about 150 feet down the aisle i was in on the left and knew that was another staircase.I started heading toward the staircase at the end of this lockerroom and was within 20 ft of the door when i heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I froze and listened to footsteps coming up the stairs and into a 10ft entryway before the doorway into the room.At this point,i'm thinking,great i'm going to get busted by someone in an area i'm really not supposed to be in.I stood there waiting for that someone to come through the doorway,but the sound stopped a few feet shy of the doors.I just stood there listening,waiting for something to happen for a couple minutes.No more noise,no one coming through the dooway,i started slowly backpedaling the way i had came,keeping my eyes on the doorway until i got to the long dark corridor and then i started hightailing it down the hallway into an through the 'safe' room and down the spiral stairs.When i reached the bottom,the first floor i was technically in an area that it was alright to be seen in.100 yards or so down the first story aisle i could see the other set of stairs.These were normal double wide staircase steps that the employees used to use.I decided to walk down to that staircase,half expecting someone i knew to be down there.When i reached the staircase ,i discovered that access to the bottom of the staircase was blocked by stacked boxes of junk.I climbed over some boxes and over the stair railing onto the steps.In the dust on the stairs i could see a single set of footprints going up the steps.I saw no one at the top,so i started up,following the tracks which ended about halfway into the 10ft entryway,just as i had heard it when i was in the lockerroom.Do ghosts leave footprints? I dont know,but i decided to the heck out of there,real quick.
    That experience cured me of exploring that particular lockerroom but not other parts of the building.It was a neat place full of history.Anyway,that is one of my longwinded,poorly structured,hard to read,wandering,etc "supernatural moments"

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    My brother claims to have seen some "ectoplasmic presence" which he thinks might be my deceased Mom visiting him. I believe him.

    During the day in summer 2010 one of my toy Trek communicators activated sitting on a shelf, untouched, without the lid flipping open. Not sure how that happened.

    In High School we had a religion class on cults. When the teacher said "cults" the wind picked up suddenly making the shades flap spastically and the door slammed. We all laughed about it but the H.S. was next to 2 big cemeteries.

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    Oh here's the scariest "supernatural" thing that's ever happened to me...

    1982. I'm walking in silence through a pitch black park at about 1am when I hear a low deep rumbling noise about 100 feet behind me and getting closer. I can see where the noise should be coming from, but there is nothing there. I starting walking faster, but the rumble draws closer behind me. Within a few seconds it is no more than ten feet behind me, still invisible and I am now running as fast as my legs can carry me towards the road. Then it catches up with me, loud rumbling and the ground vibrating directly beneath my feet. It feel as though the earth is going to open up and swallow me.

    A few feet from the road the rumbling falls behind me and stops. I turn around under the streetlight, trying to see what is there in the dark - what has chased me out of the park. Suddenly the sprinklers in the park all go "WHOOSH" and I nearly ****ing die from a heart attack. I have been running along an underground sprinkler pipe that was filling with water.

    True story.
    Even My Henchmen Think I'm Crazy.

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    Grand Haven, Michigan
    I have co-authored three local history books. The two of us are considered the "experts" on our rural township. A few weeks ago, a neighbor called me asked about the history of her property. I spent a day gathering land and census records, all of which were pretty boring because it has been nothing but farm land since 1882 when the railroad pulled up its tracks through the property.

    When I gave the neighbor the info, she seemed disappointed. After speaking for a while, she confided that she and her husband believe their 1992 house is haunted. Like many neighbors, she believes a ghost train flies past her house on the old rail bed. However, as far as the old company records show, there were never any accidents and even a single death during the short eight years the line existed. But then again, my MIL and her siblings grew up on the other side of the grade and all swear to have seen the ghost train. I have lived adjacent to the old rail grade for more than ten years now and am disappointed that I have yet to see a ghost train.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piecemaker View Post
    I started heading toward the staircase at the end of this lockerroom and was within 20 ft of the door when i heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I froze and listened to footsteps coming up the stairs and into a 10ft entryway before the doorway into the room.At this point,i'm thinking,great i'm going to get busted by someone in an area i'm really not supposed to be in.I stood there waiting for that someone to come through the doorway,but the sound stopped a few feet shy of the doors.I just stood there listening,waiting for something to happen for a couple minutes.No more noise,no one coming through the dooway,... [/LEFT]
    I had a History Teacher in high school who said that very often at 10pm, on the second floor of his father's house, footsteps could be heard walking thru the hallway. He said his family stood at the top of the stairs and even watched once but saw nothing even tho they heard what was obviously foot steps.

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    My best friend in high school's parents bought an old plantation style home complete with slave quarters. It was used as a makeshift hospital during the Civil War. Several things happened in that house that are completely without explanation. We named the "ghost" Willie eventually.

    Day one when we were moving in furniture someone went out and grabbed food and drinks since there was no electricity. While we were eating, and we all heard this, the doorbell rang twice. Not only was there no power, the doorbell wires were not connected.

    When I stayed overnight in my friends room, the door knob was like a centruy old and made a HUGE noise anytime it's opened. There's no sneaking in on anyone there. You could hear the door downstairs. We both slept with fans(still do) and woke one morning to the fan unplugged in the corner of the room with the cord wrapped around it. We never left the room that night nor did anyone enter.

    His step dad came home one evening, hung his sports coat on the coat hanger loosened his tie and went to the bathroom. He came back out, grabbed his blazer, which he had on all day at work, and took the dog for a walk. It was a little chilly so he put his free hand in his pocket and discovered something that still haunts him. He pulled out an old, long rusty key covered in mud. We never figured out what it went to.

    Half of the attic was bricked off, at least 20 square feet. According to the historical floorplan, it should have been wide open space with no wall. We never got a chance to knock it down to look behind.

    One day while my friend was visiting army buddies in Colorado and the rest of the family was out of town in Southern Kentucky, the furnace blew up and the entire house was vaporized. There was nothing left but a few bricks.

    I'm actually getting a cold chill writing about this. I have no doubt there was a ghost from the war around there, maybe more.
    I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she dumped me before we met.

    If anyone here believes in psychokinesis, please raise my hand.

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