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Thread: Worf 9 inch Bandolier Strap

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    Trek Worf 9 inch Bandolier Strap

    anyone have any ideas on what to use for a worf klingon bandolier, i have to find a insurrection starfleet uniform as well, but gary on here, is looking for one, so i thought i would start with the next step

    im just using the 9 inch worf from insurrection in the civis, putting a insurrection starfleet uniform, and creating a bandolier strap to finish it off, the reason being i dont really care for real hair on the trek figures.

    Im also planning on doing the same thing with troi from insurrection, with help from thunderbolt from here on the forums, expecting a female uniform here in a few days.

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    ok came up with some to make the sash out of, its drying as we speak, i will start the second part of the process tommorow, will hopefully be able to post pics sunday or monday.

    if anyone knows a way to improve and Ipod 4th gen camera image quality , please send me a pm, cause it sucks

    if this strap doesnt turn out i may have to go with a sash from another worf 9 inch, tho i wanted it to be a custom kind of job

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