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Thread: McDunsel appreciation/spotlight thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meule View Post
    I missed the beginning of the Dunsel era, so i had to make most of the Dunsels myself, but with the parts from the man himself. Still have a couple I have parts for or started that need finishing.
    For Marta's dress Dave MC sent me his prototype dress so I could copy it. Still have that prototype dress.
    I still LOVE my original Dave MC green belly shirt. I know others have improved on it for 1:9 over the years, but Dave's is still my favorite..:

    Peace.. Through Superior Firepower.

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    That was a long time ago.

    Dave and I were partners for probably close to 8 years, starting around 2002. I did a little head casting and kept him supplied so he could take orders and paint. Dave did some head shrinking for himself, namely his Star Wars stuff. I helped out on a few tricky heads like the Yoda, Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, C3-PO and the Han Solo blaster.

    We did a bunch of cool customs together like Vader, Firestorm and the Star Trek TNGs.

    I was friends with James too. James grew tired of casting heads and really just wanted to focus on sculpting. He offered his heads to Dave (made sense since Dave was doing the clothes), but Dave wasn't really into casting much, other than to add to his own collection, so he passed. James asked me if I'd help and could I refuse?

    Starting with the last head of Wave 2 (Kang), I cast his last five and took over the first nine sculpts for him. James continued to man the storefront...I think he enjoyed the chit chat with people. I ended up supplying him (with casts of his own sculpts) as well as supplying Dave (with our heads and eventually Dunsels) and we ended up with a very busy three headed arrangement.

    Eventually, James got busy with real life, like so many of us do, and bowed out altogether...leaving me and Dave as caretakers of his legacy. I began sending the Dunsel casts to Dave who maintained and consolidated the storefront.

    Dave eventually stopped sewing (though the dirty dog still owes me several McDunsel pieces so I can finish my OWN custom set, LOL!) but continued doing paints for people. Eventually, as you know, Dave retired from that as well. He sent about everything he had to me back in Spring 2010. I dabbled around for a few more months, but eventually just kinda went away...feeling old and tired and getting busy with my own life.

    All said and done, we might have sold one or two and probably broke even. But really, it was about the fun of working together and helping people out with projects.

    Did I miss anything?

    Sometimes I really miss those days...
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    thanks Paul.
    Sometimes I really miss those days...
    that is why I started this thread. As a tribute to those great stuff that was made from you creative folks in those days that continues to excite and inspire the creativity these days. good work, friend.

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    Not to be too sappy, but I miss those days as well. Having been around here as long as I have, I have watched this play out over and over again. Many of us come here to recapture our childhood, or at least the joy we experienced as children, and then we find adulthood so powerfully demanding that we almost lose our childhood again. Growing up twice? Yuck. In reality, the effort that it takes to maintain the business side of this hobby would seem to be overwhelming. I am grateful for those who provide the opportunities for those of us who dart in and out. I am grateful for this museum so that I can come in for a spontaneous pick me up and boost via the joy of megos and childhood. And in light of the topic of this thread, I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with, chatted with and laughed with James, Dave and Paul!

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