Hello Everybody,

I just updated my list of needs and haves. If i have something you would like to trade for, let me know. I'll probably have a contest to give away a few as soon as i have a minute to come up with some good questions.

Thanks DZ1.

I am looking for the following:

Action Jackson #1 1100-White (Topps Variant)
Mego Museum postcard
Plaid Stallions
Mummy Sticker
Slime Sticker
MM #1 Spiderman First printing
MM #2 Superman First printing
MM #3 Wonder Woman First printing
Cast-a-way Captain Action

Here are the cards I have available to trade:

16 Robin
23 Supergirl X2
39 Captain Kirk
52 Romulan
58 Soldier Ape (Blue)
62 Zira
66 Red Dracula
67 Blue Frankenstein X4
71 Wolfman
72 King Arthur
73 Black Knight
74 Sir Galahad
75 Ivanhoe
76 Sir Launcelot
81 Blackbeard
85 Buffalo Bill X2
88 Sitting Bull
90 Wild Bill Hickock

PS # 8, 9, 10, 14, 17, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 33x2, 34,36,37x2, 38x3, #39
Foreign Mego #1 (El Hombre Nuclear),

AH #1(creature), #3 (Wolfman) X2, #5 Dracula x2, #6(Action Apeman)
LM #1 x 2(Frank), #6 (Hunchback)
Tomland Monsters #1 Frank, #2 Dracula x5, #3 Mummy x4
I even have one of Brian's (Palitoy) buyer cards featuring the Lincoln Monsters.