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Thread: using facebook as photo host

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    using facebook as photo host

    not sure how long it will last, but if you are having trouble uploading photos here or wherever but have facebook--upload your pics to facebook. Then click on any photo. If you have firefox right click and select "copy image location". Use that for the photo link option when posting on these boards. Until they disable remote linking (if ever) it seems to work just fine and use FB as a free host
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    It's an offshoot of the Brickshelf lego photo community for non-lego content. Free to use - just make a user name and sign up, you get a parent directory and you can make numerous sub folders. Folders are moderated but deep links work for posting immediately.

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    I've been using Facebook for the last week or so this way. The Mego Gallery will only hold so much (understandably).


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    Flickr is easy to use and free too. Works right with your yahoo email account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayne foundation 07 View Post
    Flickr is easy to use and free too. Works right with your yahoo email account.
    Be careful, because Flickr has a rider in the TOS that forbids outside linking. It's common, I know, but people have also gotten deleted for it.

    Maj doesn't care (and actually, external linking is it's reason for being)

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