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Thread: Calling Dave and Jason.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaga4toyz View Post
    We're still here. Nothing new to report. We're working on a few non mego projects right now, all the orders are pretty much out the door (just a few new to send out). If anyone has any questions or issues please send me a PM. We have a bunch of stock and will probably be having a sale soon.
    SALE??? Woot! Keep us posted!
    Super Powers Figures

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    Shazam's Cape
    Green Arrow's Arrows

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    I have ordered many items from Cast a way for a few years now and have not had any issues with them. I would not have a problem ordering from them again its just that what I need is not in stock. Things may be slow for them now but I am looking foreward to the return of many items. Good luck Guys on turning things around and I will be watching the web site for news.
    Thanks for the great items you have turned out and for more to come.

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