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Thread: Ledy Love in Comic Book Legends Revealed

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    Ledy Love in Comic Book Legends Revealed

    Comic Book Legends Revealed #362 | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

    they debunk the Green Lantern Mego rumour, and give shout outs to the Mego Museum and the World Mego team.

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    Far out! Thanks for sharing the link, Ed!

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    Mar 7, 2004
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    I always enjoy those articles. Nice shout out to the Museum and World Mego. Just goes to show that Scott, Brian and co. have made this site THE Mego website, bar none.


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    That "flash and green lantern" rumour goes back to my late pal John MacGonagle, who (in the 80s) mentioned seeing "really horrible" mego versions of the characters from mexico. I think what he saw was one of these:

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    I pity the fool who calls those abominations horrible!

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    Very cool, and nice mention of the Museum and World Mego. It's always nice to see press about Megos and Ledys outside of our little world here.

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