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Thread: Short Film about a 9 year old's DIY Arcade

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    They are now selling Caine's arcade t-shirts.
    Store | Caines Arcade Store | A cardboard arcade made by a 9-year old boy.

    The terrific thing is that the success of the money raised for Caine's scholarship fund has turned it into a scholarship foundation that will benefit kids with a similar sense of creativity and entrepeneurship as Caine.

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    Meh, when I was a kid I set up a pizza parlor called "Jimmy's Pizza" which included a claw machine I made out of Solo cups and action figure parts. I also built a little pinball table and set up a bar area. I spent weeks constructing the whole thing and eventually I began posting flyers in the few blocks around my neighborhood.

    The flyers got enough notice that my Dad finally caught one and realized it was the damn pizza parlor thing I had created in our spare room. He was certain that I'd get in some legal trouble for some sort of false advertising. Furious, he made me go around town and tear down all the flyers and the pizza parlor.

    But this kid's gonna get $250K out of the deal? Jeesh.

    Guess I should have waited until the internet was around to build my cardboard and plastic dreams. LOL

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